Saturday, March 4, 2017

Russia Fluffer

Why should we be concerned with Russia and their influence on Trump? So what if Trump found a friend in Putin. They can both compare their excessive over the top personal lives and justify their greed together. The problem is when the Russian influence takes over his life and influences our election and they put hand- picked cronies in high power positions who aren’t even qualified for the jobs they have but are very qualified in the Russian Trump alliance. We live in a global world and Russia has been trying to dip their hands in the running of governments all over the world.
Russia has been involved in influencing Trumps campaign. In France one candidate has literally been bankrolled by Russian bank loans.  There have been cyber-attacks and fake news reports thrown out there to the opponent that were Russian sponsored. In the Netherlands they have decided to hand count the ballots in their election because they are fearful of hacking. They are worried about Russian meddling that comes after a group of Russians,   who they didn’t even know were Russian ran a propaganda series on a Dutch referendum last year that was anti-Europe but pro- Russian from that election. In Sweden,   Russia tried to sway the vote to keep Sweden out of joining NATO by spreading fake news stories about stockpiling secret nuclear weapons on Swedish soil and how NATO soldiers could be immune from prosecution even if they rape women.  It was a Russian dis-information campaign to sway the vote in order   to   keep   Sweden out of NATO.
Russia has been trying to buy their influence all over the world and it seems Putin has hypnotized Trump too.  The mission is to insert pro-Russian candidates in governments, exploit divisions, empower disruptive forces, destabilize the democratic institutions and the western alliances and basically anyone that challenges Russia and its dictatorship power. Are we going to let this happen in our America? It is already happening with Trump cancelling the environmental Paris agreement, hiring guys who are in bed with Russia that he never even met and profiting from business adventures with Russia. What happened to America first?
They need to investigate who the hell Paul Manafort is? Why was he Trump’s campaign manager until last summer? Trump never even met the guy before Manafort  got the job. Manafort  has been named by a member of Parliament in the Ukraine that he had been taking off the books payments from one of his clients who Paul Manafort did work for many years in the Ukraine. The problem here is that Manafort organized a meeting with Trump with a close affiliate who was the dictator who was bribing Manafort. There are denials from everyone. In this bad movie drama who cares that Manafort was bribed and who cares that Trump was meeting with a Russian dictator before the election? What we should care about is how Manafort got the job of campaign manager for a guy he hardly knew? So who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Who can we trust that our democratic ideals will be preserved?  

There are so many Russian influences from the Attorney General and the Secretary of State and Trump themselves that we should deport them all and send them to the Russia they seem to love more than America!

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