Monday, March 6, 2017

Second Thoughts Anyone?

Now our paranoid grand-pa leader is saying that Obama wire-tapped his home without providing any proof of the matter. Did he consult the 16 surveillance agencies for this information? Already the FBI is reporting that the President’s allegations are false. Where are the wire-tapped tapes? If he is honest and truthful and hasn’t said or done anything questionable,   then why get upset if a wire-tapping did occur and you have nothing to hide? Is he saying this just to distract the nation from his Russia deals? For three weeks he has been threatening us with his new and revised immigration plan each week declaring that it will be unveiled at the end of each week and there is still nothing but an uneasy feeling for all people of America.
Tourism is down to America and in less than 2 months in office, all he has created was a need for most Americans to protest about something. Already the tide is changing in politics. Although presently the Republicans control everything in Washington, now there is a little known fact and observation that local government elections have all gone blue. Since November there has been so much winning for Democratic politicians. Do you wonder why? Since the Presidential election every special election in the country has gone blue or at least closed a big gap in voter sentiment away from Republicans. It happened this month in Iowa when Democratic candidate Monica Kurth has won a House race in the special election there.
The following week in Virginia, Richmond School Board member Jeff Bourne a Democrat won the special election to take the vacant House of Delegates seat. The Minnesota House seat also had a position up for grabs. That District 32B went big time for Donald Trump in the Presidential election. He won there 69% to    Hillary’s   poor performance at 31% of the vote. In the Minnesota State House Race the Republican candidate Anne Neu won 53.2% to Laurie Warner 46.7%. Yes the Republicans won the recent Minnesota race but by only 6 points not the big margins Trump won just months ago. The sentiments are changing, the tide is changing. People are realizing what a reality star blowhard our new Commander-In -Chief is. We must learn from our mistakes and change the tide now.
The swing happened again in Delaware. The Senate in Delaware was split 50/50 between Democrats and Republicans. Stephany Hanson a Democrat won the swing seat in that election recently. Since the Presidential race, Democrats have won 3 to 4 in recent elections of local government seats. This all is closing the gap a bit in deeply Republican districts all over America. Connecticut has the option of keeping that streak going in their State Senate election. They have 2 seats up for grabs. The result of the Connecticut District 32 special election could tip the balance of the Connecticut Senate. Whatever way the vote goes, it could change how people will vote in Connecticut. Sadly every decision seems to go according to party lines everywhere rather that what is a good or bad decision. Was Donald Trump a good decision yawl?  

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