Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Art of the NO Deal

He is the master at the art of the NO deal. Now the new health care bill has been withdrawn before a vote can even take place. At least all this disarray can be a positive testament that most of our lawmakers can not be bullied or threatened into giving up their vote. Trump used both tactics to try to get fellow Republicans to accept this flawed plan. The health care bill was written by all men who didn’t include any women’s needs in the plan meanwhile women comprise half the nation’s population. It didn't even cover emergency room emergencies. They knew that with only 17% of fellow Republicans on board with this sinking ship that it wouldn’t survive and it is now dead.  The bullied flawed immigration bill is dead after two attempts. Trumps wiretapping allegations to make Obama a criminal have failed with no evidence to back-up his claims. His involvement with the Russians before and after the election is becoming the swill rising to the top of the boiling pot of fraud and deception. He has wasted more money than any other President on secret service for family and friends like Kelly Ann Conway. He has spent   more taxpayer money than any other President so far on his golf trips every weekend to his so called Florida White House. He has alienated all world leaders’ friend or foe. Yes, the Don has accomplished much crap in just a few months in office.
It has been already established that much of his family fortune has been acquired by money laundering millions of dollars of Russian money on inflated property selling deals. Is that his success in life? We know that he has declared bankruptcy protection various times. He lost his casino. His Trump University is gone and proven to be more hype and no substance for many devout followers of him and now he has betrayed his devout followers in the red states that elected him   to America’s highest office. The only consistency here is that he has been an ethical failure in both past and present. He is a master in deflecting blame and can easily move on to his next agenda. He has already said he will now move on to the tax reform issue. Will he tax the top 2% of rich people at the same rate that all other Americans have to pay? I doubt it.

The investigation of President Trump’s involvement with Russia is moving forward with having Paul Manifort, Trump’s Campaign Chairman testifying next in the investigation. He had serious relations with Russia during the campaign and has large monetary deals with the Russian government. It has been revealed that Paul was receiving $10 million dollars per month to advance Putin's agenda. There are new documents that show that Paul laundered payments from the party funds. Where is all that "America First" agenda? This is a very serious criminal investigation. These are acts of treason. It is known that any opposition to Putin has resulted in key important people going missing or poisoned or murdered. It is known that Putin bribes other world leaders for influence as in his take-  over of the Ukraine. It is refreshing that even now Trump’s Republican followers are now distancing themselves from him for their own political protection. The protesting of Americans sounding off at rallies and town halls all over America causing these Republicans to shut up and sneak out of back doors for their own protection is a sign that Americans will not take any more crap from these  bloated rich liars that clearly do not have the American people’s best interests in mind. No one with the guts to be in the public eye wants to be seen as a failure to all so the blame game is circulating like a bad tornado in Washington and all over America. Hold onto your hat guys because the storm of change is not over yet!

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