Sunday, March 26, 2017

Miller Time?

Is it Miller time? Sure we could all take a deep breath and enjoy a Miller Beer now that our flawed Obama Care is still there and the dreadful Trump Care is tossed in the trash. We can breathe a little easier that the immigration ban isn’t so harsh anymore and that Obama is not a criminal. We are a bit embarrassed to be an American lately with this nut job as our President. He did appear Presidential for a moment when he read a prepared speech given to him to read at the Congressional Address although that speech was flawed too. Who bailed him out that evening? Who wrote his speech? Steven Miller.
At least that evening Trump was able to speak in more length than a tweet can provide thanks to his speech writer Steve Miller who has no relation to the Miller Beer Company.  Who is this guy no one ever heard of before? The speech was written entirely by Steven who in a matter of months went from a young right wing agitator to the nation’s top policy maker. He is now a senior advisor to President Trump. How did he make it so far so fast in his career? He is only 31 years old. He grew up in California raised by liberal Jewish parents but he is a white supremacy supporter conservative. One of Miller’s idols is David Horowitz who writes books called   Hating Whitey   and Progressive Racism. David became one of Steve’s   influential mentors. Steve wrote in his college newspaper a column called Miller Time where he often wrote about racism towards conservatives.
After Duke University he worked for Jeff Sessions and latched on to moving on to Washington with him. In Washington he is on the right hand of Bannon. Miller co-authored the depressing Inauguration speech of Trumps where he just about insulted everyone there. Miller was a key person in drafting the immigration order halting immigration from 7 countries. This guy has Trump saying things that just puts all Americans in fear of what’s next. Trump’s behavior during the only speech where he made some sense was deplorable.
During the lengthy speech to Congress Trump embarrassed the poor grieving clearly very upset wife of the navy seal who got killed in a poorly planned attack in the Middle East. He orchestrated an uncomfortable 15 minute applause fest with the camera focusing on the drama of the poor woman’s all so soon grief. Her brave husband died just a week before the speech. What a sad exploitation of a family to take the   focus away from just another failure done by Trump.  The President was in the office for one week when he ordered the attack during one of his lavish dinners at his lavish estate, did not watch anything in the war room, did not consult any of the 16 agencies to support such a mission and resulted in causalities, the death of a Navy seal and the ruination of an expensive military helicopter.

Is it time for Steve Miller to write another speech for Trump? Give me a beer!

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