Friday, March 24, 2017


For 8 years we had the luxury of not having to hear the Israelis complain about much. Somehow thorough out the Obama administration they at least seemed happy. All my life I heard of reports about the Israeli Palestine conflicts. For two very religious peoples I never understood why they couldn’t just live peacefully. They even built an ugly wall between them. Bush gave them billions of dollars for an anti-defense shield that literally blows up missiles like fireworks in the Israeli sky. Now they can relax and just look at the light show of safety that we provided over their skies. America did not even create such a system to protect us if we get attacked. Trump gets the job and all of a sudden Jewish people are being targeted all over America .Why?
The FBI is still trying to find out who is behind all the bomb threats to religious centers and the vandalism to Jewish cemeteries. The Anti-Defamation League received bomb threats in four cities including New York. That league is formed to stop terrorism and hate crimes and even they got threats. In the past few weeks at least 14 threats were given in 10 states to Jewish Centers. Since January there have been at least 135 threats. Some of the threats are pre-recorded in the form of e-mails. All the threats used computer software to disguise the source. Quickly all 100 United State Senators signed a letter of concern. They still don’t know if the threats are coming from our shores or from overseas.
Well the answer is yes. Israeli authorities with the help of the FBI arrested a suspect. I thought that the recent meetings with Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister where both of these guys who are under investigation by both governments had something to do with the sudden   surge into   Jewish hate. A multi- agency investigation has brought a sigh of relief with the arrest of a suspect. A 19 year old with dual citizenship in Israel and America is responsible at least for the cyber-crimes. Dani Dayan who is the Israeli Consul General is not sure who is responsible for the cemetery vandalism. This teen could not enter the Army because he was deemed to be mentally deficient but he was apparently smart enough to pull off the cyber threats undetected for a while.

Over 100 bomb threats were phoned in to Jewish Centers in America, New Zealand and Israel. The teen’s father was also arrested. This kid had no formal education but was able to use his neighbor’s Wi-Fi to   make threats from his bedroom to across the globe. The calls began 6 months ago.  He was yet able to disguise the location of the calls by using special technology. His threats eventually spread to 40 states including a flight forcing a emergency landing at JFK Airport in New York. The suspect has a brain tumor that can affect his cognitive decision making. The teen will be prosecuted in Israel and there is no plans to bring him to the United States. The suspect didn’t go to an elementary or high school.  

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