Friday, March 3, 2017

Trump Thugs

Now Trump has his appointees lying along with him about Russian influence before and after the election. Americans are busy. We have to work, feed our families, pay our taxes, pay our healthcare so we don’t need to be burdened with political drama every day. Enough already! Impeach all the bastards and arrest them for treason. Start all over with someone that has no ties to anyone anywhere who is competent and truly cares for the well-being of this country more than their personal aspiration’s. Where are the Congressional hearings on this scandal? Where is the FBI involvement? They all so quickly showed up to try to disgrace Hillary and they probably did hamper the election for her and persuaded folks to change their votes simply because we ae exhausted and don’t want the political drama.
It was proven that Hillary did nothing intentionally   wrong with her e-mails. These new guys from Trump down have video proof of how they have lied and lied again about Russian involvement before and after the election. Trump on video said he loves the Russians, that he owns properties in Russia and that he is proud of his beauty pageant there. Recently on video he denied any involvement with Russia. Dimitri  Rybolovlev,  a Russian billionaire bought a $95 million dollar tear down property no one wanted  in Palm Beach from Trump cash. He also bought a Florida property Trump owned for $100 million dollars with no questions asked where the money came from.  Who the hell does cash transactions? Sounds like Trump is involved in money laundering. Trump denies ever dealing with the man yet these transactions gave Trump $60 million dollars cash in his pocket.  We all saw how most of the population in Russia lives in poverty while their Dictator is surrounded in lavish gold surroundings and his friends are billionaires. Trump is our own gold encrusted   dictator billionaire and they are true friends.
Trump continues to defend that there is no wrongdoing when there is obvious proof to the contrary. Jeff Sessions spoke with the Russian Ambassador twice during the Trump campaign. Now Sessions is the U.S. Attorney General. He can’t investigate himself of wrongdoing. He is now in charge of the FBI so no wonder there is no investigation by the FBI into his involvement. Throw this bum out! He lied about his involvement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. A special prosecutor must be elected to investigate how much classified information is being shared with the Russians. Trump's son-in-law has been talking to the Russians and he has a high job in our government too.  Bribery is how most dictators get elected anyway. The truth is hidden along with Trump’s tax returns. Trump has the lowest rating at 39% of any newly inaugurated President ever.
Wilber Ross was just confirmed as Commerce Secretary. He is the single American who is the largest stock holder in Deutsche Bank that was fined $630million dollars in a $10 billion dollar fraud scheme. The bank was laundering money from Russia. Is Trump appointing guys big influential jobs in our government who have strong ties to Russian money? You bet he is. Throw the bum OUT! Dimitri has large deposits of money in this bank. Trump is in love with Russia because the $60 million dollar profit he made from selling properties no one wanted to a guy that never saw or moved into those properties, helped Trump pay off  loans he took out from this bank. The Russians saved Trump financially. Is now the time for pay back to the Russians? God help America with Trump and his thugs in charge of our country!

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