Saturday, February 11, 2017

Related imageTonight the 59th Grammy Awards air on TV. It is a good time to take a break from protesting, shoveling snow and politics. Just sit down and see your favorite musical artists that you have been singing along with the past year to calm you down. Sounds easy but some of the artists are boycotting the event and won’t be there so don’t look too long for your favorite in case he didn’t show up to an event that recognizes and awards his work.  Don’t look for Kanye West, Drake, Frank Ocean and Justin Bieber because they feel that the Grammy’s don’t respect young black artists. I think some of our best music throughout the years came from the black community of artists. So, three of these famous guys known for their music are black and they won’t attend. It will only make the place whiter if we must judge musical artistry by skin color. How about these guys   sponsor new young artists as long as they are their skin color preference and use their money to give the new kids more fame and exposure?
Image result for justin bieber ageDo these awards really matter to you? If your favorite song doesn’t win a best song category will you stop listening to it? I doubt it. People like what they like no matter what the critics say. Kanye and Drake are making a big statement because they have 8 nominations. Bieber has 4 nominations and he isn’t even black. Ok, he is making a statement on behalf of his black unknown friends. So should we watch a show where the recipients of the awards don’t even attend to thank anyone? Maybe I won’t watch it after all either!
Related imageFrank Ocean’s album is more critically acclaimed than popular.  Beyonce  has never won the big award of album of the year.  Beck won her out in 2015. The person who has won the most Grammy’s ever is a bluegrass singer Allison Krauss. You know her? She won more Grammy’s than any other female artist owning 27 trophies. She beat out Little Wayne in 2009. All award shows like the Oscars, Grammy’s and Tony’s to me are more about the red carpet to see these iconic people in their own element act like normal people despite their beauty and talent.  The Oscars years ago would only have 5 films to choose from in the best picture category. Now there are 9 films to choose from. More choices do not make it special anymore.
Drake’s next move is that he wants a late night talk show. He should be happy with what he is already successful at which is music. He wants to sit and talk to people and then go home? It sounds easy but it hasn’t been for a lot of famous people who tried and failed. Do you remember these people talk shows? Here are some failed talk show hosts: Magic Johnson, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Karen from Will and Grace, Ryan Seacrest, Jeff Probst, Khloe Kardashian and her mom Chris Jenner, Wanda Sykes or even others.  Just be glad that people love your work and thank them for your awards. 

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