Saturday, February 11, 2017

Related imageThere is an entire population of people seeking independence and simply want to lead good productive lives here in America. We also have good furry friends that give you unconditional love no matter what. Yes our dogs are surely therapeutic to anyone and then they have the plus that they can be trained to do a multitude of things.  Maybe Trump would benefit from and soften up from a White House dog. The only thing we ever see him pet is his wife sometimes. Does he ever spend time with his youngest son?
88 years ago on January 29, 1929 is the day the organization called The Seeing Eye Inc. was founded in Nashville, Tennessee. The co-founder frustrated by his own blindness went to Switzerland where he took place in a pioneering guide dog program. Our eyesight is so precious and often ignored like it will always be there. Advances in medicine have not gone as far with the eyes as they have made advancements in dealing with and conquering with many other diseases. For years if you had a problem with an eye you were simply told to wear a patch and cover the thing up. At least with your furry friend, the dog to guide you the blind know now that they have some independence and simply help.
Related imageFreedom is what so many people desire globally but freedom comes in many ways. The man brought to America what he had learned in Switzerland and his new guide dog never seen before in America. Yes, Donald Trump we can learn from other countries and their people. The man’s seeing- eye dog transformed him immediately from a charity case just good for begging for money and food to a independent productive person who can at least get around town easily. The dog is also a reassuring companion just to pet who needs the blind person to feed him or her. Whom ever really needed a blind person for anything before? They were not treated like productive people before. Meanwhile some of our greatest musicians are blind.
Related imageMany people close their eyes just to concentrate for a while. It is much different if you are unable to   possess the ability to see. The relationship of the blind man and his dog soon captured the attention of the American public. A decade later the man and another guide dog was walking to many one’s dismay through the 1939 World’s Fair. Yes, ten years had passed and most people still did not know about the amazing good service a seeing-eye dog can perform. The organization had exclusive trademark rights to the term Seeing-eye Dog. Now over the years the organization has matched over 16,000 blind people to their special helpful trained dogs.
Now the headquarters are in Morristown, New Jersey. The Seeing-eye services an average of 260 people a year helping the blind navigate busy streets and subways independently. Independence means so much to  so many kinds of people Mr. Trump. Training of the people to their dogs lasts only 25 days. The training is paid for by charitable contributions. The dogs have regular lives with their puppies who are soon trained to do their special service. Today there are some 500 puppies born into their breading program. God Bless America’s charitable organizations. Hey! maybe we should get these kind of dogs to help those people who text and walk themselves into dangerous situations!

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