Monday, February 13, 2017

Related imageI love to report on first time anything. This time it is about royalty which has been around for centuries and still exists to this day in some countries. Thank goodness we don’t have any royal families to support in America. That would just be another tax to pay. Most countries love their royal families and are perfectly willing to support them no matter how expensive their lifestyles are. Some become kings or queens even as children and the population has no problem with that if you read through history. Well, we are living in an era of a new first in royalty in our lifetime and that makes it exciting at least to me.
Related imageIn British royalty King George VI died in 1952 and his daughter Elizabeth became   Queen of  England  at the young age of 25 years old. The important thing is that she has now kept the throne warm for 65 years.  That makes her the first British Monarch to rule for so long since she is 90 years old. She could have retired at any time and make her son Prince Charles King of England but she refused. Elizabeth likes her throne and can keep it warm till she dies if she wants the job. Besides, how many jobs can one even keep till death? Not many.  Queen Elizabeth is now the oldest and longest serving monarch in all of the long and proud British history.
65 years commemorates her sapphire jubilee. She has a royal photo with her wearing her new sapphire and diamond gems larger and more valuable than anyone could even think of owning just one of these magnificent gem stones. The Queen spent her Anniversary Day in private with no big celebrations.  The moral of the story is be grateful of whom ever you are born from. Be extra grateful if you are a new born royal. 

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