Monday, February 13, 2017

Related imageThis year finally be different! It is the designated day to express your love toward someone. Yes Valentine’s Day is a day of rituals. So, this year forget the card that eventually ends up in the trash. Forget the expensive flowers. They die as soon as you take them home. Forget the chocolates. You already have diabetes. Stop with the just giving stuff. This year do stuff together. Dress up in the least amount of clothing as possible. Make Valentine’s Day hot and spicy.
Start with going to see the newest installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie where the girl is either crying or having sex. The music is usually good at least and it can get you quivering a little. At least hold hands on the sexy scenes. Then go home and bring out the props, I mean the gifts. Have some wine to relax with but you don’t want to waste any time having to constantly fill each other’s glass for another taste. Buy the “Plug it and Chug It’ that are amazing wine glasses. I know you already have plenty of wine glasses but not like these. This has the typical glass top to sip from but instead of a stem it has a bottle stopper bottom that fits snuggly in the top of a wine bottle. The hole in the stopper allows just enough wine out when you tip the bottle to keep your glass with wine till the bottle is empty.  Nice and convenient. Go ahead and order it on Amazon for about 22 bucks as the” Guzzle Buddy.” Hey! It is classier to drink from a glass than just from the bottle.
So you saw the movie, had some bottles of wine. Now what? Jewelry always helps. But don’t buy a boring heart shaped necklace she will only wear sometimes. You saw the movie so buy a leather whip necklace that is fashionable and useful to have some tantalizing fun. You are tipsy anyway and won’t remember much anyway. Buy it at “The Leather Atelier” on line for about 90 bucks.
Related imageOk so no one wants to be whipped into shape. Look just go to   “Unbound” and shop around for something she will like. At least this company was founded by women and picked erotic stuff that women would like to have in their bedroom for romantic enhancement or just for a laugh. At least this company pledges to donate 6.9% of its profits to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and willingness. Who doesn’t want a sexually healthy female? It can turn into a win win once she gets over that she thinks you are a pervert. It is important to keep our favorite women sexually healthy especially since Trump is trying to cut off funds to Planned Parenthood and other places for women’s health.
I still can’t believe that most prescription plans will cover Viagra but hardly any products for women’s stimulation or general sexual health! Look, this year just go shopping for the fun and unusual. We live in a very unusual time and we all need a hug and some fun.

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