Tuesday, February 14, 2017

As the White House Turns

It is worse than a bad soap opera. The political drama began close to Election Day where rumors were swirling that Trump was in bed with Putin. Trump has his Beauty Pageants   in Russia and many real estate deals. Trump even publicaly told Putin to sabotage Hillary’s campaign. Since his election he has been rude and crud to just about anyone including people in his own camp. No one knows anything about how to run a government so they are all doing their own thing. Should we be leaving a bunch of old men in charge of our lives? Trump is the oldest President ever at age 70. All his nominees for top posts are senior citizens too.

His picks for Secretary of Commerce was Wilbur Ross at age 79. Secretary of Defense General James Mattis at age 66. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson at age 65. Secretary of Homeland Security General John Kelly at age 66. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at age 64. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry at age 66. Secretary of Labor Andrew Puzder at age 66 and Attorney General Senator George Sessions at age 70.   That makes this the oldest administration ever. A generation ago people in their 60’s were thought to be near or at retirement. They are at least very set in their ways and mostly not open to change. But now in the White House soap opera they are turning on each other in not a good way.

The President’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn age 70 years old abruptly resigned before any Congressional Committee could investigate what he has been up to involving conversations with Putin that no one else knew about. Why? It has been a very busy 3 weeks of Presidency where Trump has pretty much pissed off everyone. Now including his own people. This guy was warned three weeks ago by the Justice Department and the White House was warned too  as soon as he got the job that he could be vulnerable to blackmail for talking about sanctions with the Russian Ambassador.  He then lied about it all to the Vice-President. Trump is already using his denial card and says he didn’t know anything about it. Sigh! Flynn sets a record with only 24 days as national security adviser. It is so stupid that the guy didn't even know that all calls to or from Russia are recorded. As national security adviser he should have at least known that evidence of his conversations are taped. 

Why does Trump get to dodge the real question here yet they gave Hillary so much crap over her e-mails? I guess that is the green light or the just look the other way approach when you have a Republican House and Senate that is going to allow Trump to dig his own grave for him and his old age cabinet members. It sounds like this guy is a threat to our national security. In subornation is rare in the military   since it is all based on rank and file. Flynn was in war zones He should know better. Everyone told Trump about this problem because Flynn put himself in a place where he could be bribed. M r. President has to be lying on this one too. He must have known. Our national security is in danger and no one cares and Trump doesn’t listen to anyone who knows their job. The further question is, Did the Russians hand the Presidency to Trump? Is this a bad game of Clue where we need to know who knew what? Too much drama for me. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of people are being evacuated from their homes because a dam in California might give way. As usual the needs of the people of America go ignored.

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