Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Stupid Bowl

Soon it will be Super Stupid Bowl Sunday where millions of people will be watching the game in America, drinking too much beer and eating all the wrong snack foods all in the interest of supporting a game that is killing their players way before their time and no one cares. No one cares that the NFL doesn’t pay taxes or that they don’t pay the cheerleaders a   decent wage. More importantly is the fine specimens of human worriers dying from ALS due to too many concussions to the brain that eventually all the systems stop working and then they die. There is no cure for ALS.

Look at the life and death of Kevin Turner who was a NFL fullback who died at age 46 from ALS. Within 6 years his hands weren’t able to pick things up not even a coin, his arms went limp, his legs gave way, then he couldn’t speak any longer, he needed a breathing tube in order to live and communicated with his eyes staring at letters on a voice activated computer oh and then he died. All because he played football. The NFL claims no responsibility for guys dying like him. The NFL will not change any rules to minimize the amount of hits to the head these athletes have to go through in the interest of the sport.  There is a college team that will tolerate only chest to chest hits.

Lady Gaga should end her half time show in a wheelchair with a breathing tube attached to her throat because that is how many of the most feverous players will end up because of all the trauma their brain has gone through to be the best players on the field. Kids are starting to get their brains tossed around under a football helmet at age 8. Years and years of trauma on the brain causes it to just shut down. It is a known fact with no cure and yet the game continues with great attendance, fireworks, million dollar commercials during events, tail gate parties like it is the greatest thing on earth. At least most of the world doesn’t play football as we do. Their football is our soccer a much safer game on the brain.

ALS is a fatal disease. It is a disease where a man can see and experience their bodies slowly deteriorate till there is nothing left of them. Why can’t they change the rules to give a team a penalty if they head but someone? Boxers are going through the same problems but most kids don’t start the sport of boxing at age 8. Instead of discouraging kids from participating in the sport and realizing how dangerous it is on the brain elementary school teams are making it more popular with the lure of excitement, fireworks and confetti at games. Who wouldn’t want to participate in anything that came with the amount of hype that American football has created?

Researchers from Boston University are studying this ALS disease very carefully and don’t recommend anyone to participate in the sport at any age. Tell that to the National Football League and their Stupid Bowl. 

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