Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Belles of the Balls

Our Presidents and their First ladies are the closest thing America has compared to royalty and nothing could look more royal than them all decked out for their Inauguration Balls. It is a popular televised event that most people enjoy. Some of the best dancing Presidents were Ronald Regan who cuddled his wife, Bill Clinton who danced to a beat with a young very thin Hillary, the first George Bush who was just a natural with his wife  and Melania who looks stunning in anything the Sophia Loren sister look alike super model she is.  How did a girl who came from a small European town of 800 people get such style? Look up their Ball dances and enjoy for yourself.
They are on the world’s stage just for one evening. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the First Ladies Collection at the Museum of American History is the most popular exhibit in the Smithsonian. One of the earliest gowns there is from 1905 worn by the wife of Teddy Roosevelt. 60 years later Lady Bird wore a yellow gown with fur trimmed sleeves. The animal rights people would be after her now and wouldn’t permit it. Fashion design icon Jaquelin Kennedy helped design her own ensemble. It was elegance in a cream colored gown. Mamie Eisenhower wore a pink sparkly gown. Bess Truman looked very matronly in her dark gown. Hillary was gorgeous in her form fitting dark blue lace gown that showed off her very tiny waist. The younger Bush had his wife in bright red sequins.  
There was a surprising parallel to Nancy Regan’s one shoulder dress to Michelle Obama’s one shoulder dress. They were both in white dress with beading.  Melania topped them all with her former model expertise. The powder blue winter sexy tight number she wore all day with her super high heels and matching long gloves was medicine for sore eyes. At night she slipped into an off white dress that could have been painted on the curves of her body. Trump’s entire family who joined him on stage for the first dance looked like royalty at their local event. It wa a place where all the men were tall and handsome and all the women were deliciously elegant and beautiful. America could use more taste and politeness and elegance from the general population.

The way kids dance in clubs is just simulated sex acts with clothes on. Are there even any elegant balls for regular people to go to? I don’t think so. Then get lost in the elegance of our royalty and see the real dresses at the Smithsonian or just find the footage of American royalty at their best at their balls. 

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