Thursday, February 2, 2017

Poor Protesters

Poor Protesters! They are the common person warrior and they have been way too busy lately. It seems that with every stroke of Trump’s pen, controversy erupts. His staff is scrambling to help him but they don’t know what to do since they have never done a job like helping to run a country before. It all makes you crave Hillary even more now. She would have known what to do better even without her phone and e-mails. The protestors are busy because they just don’t get a break. Now they have to make new signs and run over to the Supreme Court building to protest Trump’s misguided pick for the new Supreme Court Justice.
His name is Neil Gorsuch and at age 49 he is the youngest appointee to the Supreme Court in 25 years.  That alone is a red light. A Supreme Court Judge gets the job for life which means this guy could possibly hold the job for 40 years and he looks fit and trim. That is a very long time for a person’s opinions to be followed as the final law on issues. What if America doesn’t agree with him? This is the one job where older and wiser should prevail in a job position. This is probably the most important job one could get. Neil is a westerner with very conservative views.
You couldn’t have any greater an education. Neil Gorsuch has an undergraduate degree from Columbia University with honors, a law degree from Harvard also with honors and a doctorate from Oxford. He was a great student. He then went on to clerk for two Supreme Court Justices. So why protest the man? Because his values are very close minded. He is against unions and employee’s rights, he is against clean air laws, he is against the food safety agencies, he is against safety provisions in medicine among other simple minded views that everything will watch themselves and that is just not the case in this society. Democratic leader Senator Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are not pleased with this guy. The Democratic National Committee said, “We cannot afford a Supreme Court Justice who doesn’t have the utmost respect for constitutional values of liberty, equality and justice for all.”
It is not good when both democrats and republicans   don’t agree on a Supreme Court Judge pick. The court has had only 8 justices for nearly a year now causing havoc on split votes on issues that need to be solved.  The vacancy proved how stupidly divided the government has been during the entire Obama administration. Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland early in 2016 who was well liked by both republicans and democrats but the republican majority Senate stalled the movement for 10 months denying Judge Garland even a committee hearing. They just did not want the hiring of a Supreme Court Justice to be added to Obama’s legacy as a great President. They considered him a liberal appointee.
The replacement will fill the seat that conservative Justice Scalia   held before his death. He was purely a Constitutional man who judged with a clear definition of Constitutional law and held to its values rather than popular causes.  On abortion he said that it was already ruled upon and that we should obey the ruling.  We have 3 conservative Justices in Judge Roberts, Thomas and   Alito. Gorsuch would be the forth. They would square off with the 4 liberal Judges on the court of Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan.  Justice Kennedy is 80 years old and would be the swing vote. Do we want a very conservative judge for possibly the next 3 decades dictating our laws? Without the 9the seat of the court filled the justices have been equally divided and nothing was being decided. Abortion, contraception, immigration and refugee issues are all in the pile of waiting issues to be judged with clarity. Americans on both sides of issues are just sick of the politics involved in issues important to us to be decided on with a sense of finality.

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