Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Snap the fingers

Is there anything that Trump signed that isn’t controversial?  The man got elected because ultimately he has good intentions and in his bull dog way is trying his best to protect the country but his tactics just aren’t working on just so many issues. Judges are overturning his ban on immigrants and now Senators are protesting his nomination of Betsy Devos.   It is sad that the only woman he selected is also surrounded by so much controversy. Two Senators tried their best to vote against her nomination as Education Secretary but then the Vice-President stepped in with his vote and now she has the job.
The Vice-Presidents vote broke the tie in the voting. She is controversial because she is just another wealthy person Trump has decided to surround himself with who has never set foot in a public school and incidentally donated millions of dollars to Trumps election campaign. Shouldn’t someone with experience in a field get the top job? Teachers and parents and education administrators do not support her. At least judges within 24 hours of Trump’s confusing immigration order has been able to stop it and for now documented immigrants are able to enter the country as usual. This past week only caused fear and panic for so many people.
We all agree that we need to protect our nation and keep it safe but we all wish our Constitutional rights be shared with all in this country. We wish that qualified people are getting the highest offices and not just buddies of the President. We want freedom of religion in this country and are proud that people can live side by side in peace no matter where they are from   or what God they choose to worship. His Muslim ban is against our resolve. We have had freedom of religion and kept our nation safe in the past .Why not now? People with green cards go through a process that has 20 steps and it takes about 2 years to get final approval. There is also controversy over Trump’s pick as top judge that will probably be battled all the way up to the Supreme Court. Must all of Trump’s decisions be just plain wrong?
In just weeks in office he has created more confusion and opposition from even the world than possible good. People are frightened about many issues that he has trampled on so far in his term in office as President. When will Trump realize that he can’t just snap his fingers and all can change? We have 3 branches of government for a reason. He has already threatened Iraq on missile launches. Is he looking for war again? Trump threatened to hold Federal funds from Berkley University because they protested a speaker there. Is he trying to control free   speech in this country too? It seems that any subject he touches on is so controversial and he lashes back with intimidation. Only Congress can take Federal funds back anyway. Is all this stupidly a deflection from what he can and did do to change things?
Trump can change Obama’s executive orders but he cannot change laws. He already changed a lot of good things Obama had in place. – removed was a ruling that would have prevented toxic chemicals being poured in our streams and rivers.
-overturned was a ruling that would have kept guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.
-overturned was a requirement to disclose payments made to foreign companies by oil and gas companies.   
-the Agriculture Department has removed from its website inspection reports and information about the treatment of animals   in laboratories, zoos, dog breeders and other facilities.

America did not vote for anyone to crap over our Constitution and our rights!                                                                                                                                                                               

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