Monday, February 6, 2017

Super bowl firsts

You had to watch the Super Bowl Fifty One. The excitement and the hype is sure infectious whether you like or hate the game. More importantly that after 51 years of the game being played this year’s game was very special. Many firsts happened. Most notably is that quarterback Tom Brady won 5 Super bowl Championships.  It is a first that no other quarterback has achieved in football history and that is only one of the records broken at the game. Here is a list of firsts that were accomplished:
James White scored the most points ever at 20 at any Super bowl.
Tom Brady threw the most passes ever at 62 in a Super bowl game.
Tom Brady had the most completions of 42 at any Super bowl game.
Tom Brady broke the record of the most passing yards at 466 yards.
James White achieved the status of having the most receptions at 14 during the Super bowl.
The Patriots who were losing by a large margin of points early in the game turned it all around to win the game and win a deficit by 25 points that broke a record at a Super bowl game for the largest deficit overcome by a winning team.  
The Patriots won the most points in overtime by 6 points breaking the record.
The Patriots had the most first downs ever by a team at 37.
The Patriots also had the most first downs by passing by a team at 26.
The Patriots achieved the most offensive plays by a team at 93.
The Patriots had the most passes by a team at 63 at a Super bowl.
The Patriots had the most completions at 43 by any team in a Super bowl.
The Patriots had the most passing yards ever by a team at 442 yards passed.
Both teams broke the record of most yards passed at a Super bowl game at 682 yards.
The most first downs passing achieved by both teams at 39.
The most first downs achieved by both teams were at 54.
The game was exciting with both teams achieving good plays all the time. At overtime is when the Patriots really pulled it together for their win. The NFL record books will have to make a lot of changes since so many records were broken during this game.  Tom Brady and his coach Bill Belichick have a record breaking history together. They both participated in a record breaking 7 Super bowls and they also together won 5 Super bowls that no one else has ever done in 51 years of the game. It is all good for those guys. Other guys did notable things for the record books too.
Ultimately it is Tom Brady who goes down in Super bowl history for doing the most ever in any category and he is also married to a Super model. It does not get better than that. Tom Brady has the distinction of having the most Super ball passes at 309:
                                                completions at 207
                                                passing yards at 2,071

Tom Brady even  holds the new record for the most Touchdown passes during Super bowls at 15. 

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