Thursday, February 9, 2017

Time for movies

Winter has arrived with storms of snow blanketing the northeast. The schools ae closed and you cancelled  your appointments for another day. So, now what? It is a perfect day to catchup on all the movies you haven’t seen this year for Oscar picks. The nominations ha e been announced and the 89th Academy Awards will be handing out the Oscar trophy’s   on February 26.  In November most of the movies were only shown in theaters in New York and California. Now you can find your movie nationwide in the theaters. So, now is the end of peak holiday movie season.

See La La Land just to know why it got so many nominations. It is different because there is lots of singing and dancing that we miss since it is compared to the last great singing and dancing movie called Singing in the Rain released in 1952. If you don’t like musicals then try to see a drama
The movie called Moonlight is another award season biggie.  It is a slow paced gentle exploration of sexual and racial identity. You might like it for its simplicity. Moonlight is the most acclaimed movie of the year. It is nominated for 8 Academy Awards including best picture. The story is about a timid boy having a hard time growing up in the poorest neighborhood in Miami. His single Mom is a crack addict. His surrogate is the local drug dealer and his girlfriend. The movie won a Golden Globe for best drama. Not bad for an Independent film made in just 25 days for just 5 million dollars. There aren't any white people in the movie not that it matters. The director and screenplay writer grew up in the same town the movie takes place, they both had crack addicts for Mothers and one is gay and one is straight. This story must be about their personal lives. This movie is no blockbuster. It only made about 18 million dollars but it is critically acclaimed.

Alot of hype is over the movie called Fences. I is based on a play by August Wilson. This drama is about a husband and father played by Denzel Washington who is warped by racism and poverty that makes him unbearable. Denzel is the star and the director of this movie.
Manchester by the Sea features Casey Affleck up for best actor. So, go see him act in this sad film that has just a bit of hope in it.
20th Century Women  is worth seeing because it is a testament to women that help boys to become men. Annette Bening plays the mother and is up for a best actress nomination.
You know what to do. Make the popcorn and get busy.

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