Friday, February 3, 2017

The Hunt for Mexicans

They are hunting Mexicans now. Well the gun holding wild game hunters already killed all the large animals so now they are going after the Mexicans at the border and the border patrol is simply looking the other way. The border between the United States and Mexico is about 1,930 miles which gives these gun touting maniacs lots of terrain to cover. Have we all gone insane? Let them in and document them and make sure they have a job and pay taxes and abide by our laws. What is the problem? We don’t need an expensive wall or blood thirsty red necks hunting Mexicans!
They are armed vigilantes that do not work for the Border Patrol. They are unpaid and unsanctioned. They are hunting Mexicans for sport. They will tell you that they are filling a void left by law enforcement agencies that can’t or won’t do the job to stop illegals from entering this country. They track footprints in the sandy soil as they are heavily armed and look like they are ready for combat in their store bought hunting suits. They are a para-military force. They even plant trail cameras to track Mexicans. These guys are not hired by America and are an unauthorized armed force   known as the AZBR. Their title is Arizona Border Recon. There is already a steel fence on the Arizona Border. Sheriff Tony Estrada is the Santa Cruz County law man in Arizona who knows all about these head hunters and simply says they shouldn’t be doing it. Has any of these guys been arrested for doing the job of our legal Border Patrol? NO!
The Southern Poverty Law Center calls the illegal soldiers an active extremist group. The group’s founder is a guy named Foley who was a former construction worker.  He feels that his group is more effective than the Border Patrol especially in areas where there is just some barbed wire on the border that anyone can easily pass through between the wide spaces between the wires. The men are a rag tag team of volunteers. Is this some kind of vicious game to them? They come there on their vacations and act like they are Special Forces on a mission. The Ranchers who own the land along the border allows the volunteer military on their land and look the other way about their activities. They just don’t want illegals running around on their land even though some ranchers own 50 thousand acres of land there which is plenty of running around space.
Jim Chilton is a land owning rancher who compares his land to the Wild West where he is an abused victim where people from all over the world are coming through his ranch and hunters are running after them shooting guns. He says that he is in a foreign occupied area with the cartel scouts on his mountains and that he is not the law. There are also humanitarian groups like the Tucson Samaritans that patrol the desert but instead of carrying guns they leave packages of food and water for the illegals along natural trails. The border seems to be a very busy place. The elderly and children are often found dead because they are too frail or too small to keep up on the journey to freedom. Migrants in the desert are being hunted by men with guns who have no authorization and have little accountability. Is this the America you want to live in?

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