Monday, January 30, 2017

Hide the Presidential Pens

Will somebody hide the pens from Trump already? He has now created havoc at every airport in the world. He signed another executive order this time with a travel ban from certain Middle East countries. He left out the three like Saudi Arabia that coincidentally have buildings he built with his name on them there. He is a dictator gone wild and did not contact any government agency or the press in discussing his decisions or even how to implement his rash decisions. God help the world when his itchy palms get to playing with the nuclear weapons buttons. He banned people from entering the United States from 7 Middle Eastern countries. He also suspended the entire refugee program. Travelers were trapped at airports and in mid-flights since he did this without warning.
How selfish and irresponsible is this creature? What about the people in transit or green card holders? Many people have valid visas who are in limbo now. Now we have protestors clogging up the airports too.. The White House refuses to answer reporters or even give a statement to give some clarity to the situation. He signed the order at 4:42 on a Friday to take place immediately. The particular agencies responsible for protecting our homeland were not even notified. Not contacted were Homeland Security or the National Terrorism Center was contacted. Why? If you don’t have the trained officers in the field implementing his highnesses wishes how can you implement them in an orderly and non -chaotic manner? Why weren’t these two agencies made part of the decision process in this matter?
He seems to think that all Muslims are Jihadis. None of the 911 hijackers even came from the 7 countries he banned. He needs to take a deep breath and come up with a more sensible solution to combating terrorism. The chaos happened at the airports because Trump offered no plan to implement to federal or local government officials on how or where to detain hundreds of people daily. The President’s ban violates a person’s civil liberties even if they hold a green card. This executive order makes no provision for those with a green card already on the path to citizenship. It makes no distinction if you served previously in the U.S. Military previously, you could still be detained. In this country the notion of detention without probable cause or due process is simply un-American.

Religious people should be appalled since there is an exception for people who are not Muslim. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Are all terrorists   Muslim? Trump offered no other exceptions.  Is this the first step towards a Muslim registry? Why isn’t there a provision or exception to the ban for a law abiding person with a work visa, doctor or business person   to be allowed into this country? The global world of medicine and business needs these people and we need their insight here.  Civil liberties are now being violated. Our safety of our cities are now further threatened with the Donald’s ban because there will be less cooperation with cops and our government due to mistrust by foreigners. 

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