Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Presidential First

A home is more than bricks and mortar. It is a feeling of belonging. It is a loving place, a place of hope for the future and no one creates a home better than a woman. Women nurture and care for everyone. They are peaceful and will do anything for the integrity of their family. Then why does society disrespect them and wish to put their lives in danger? The laws do not sterilize a rapist so he can never get a child or woman pregnant again yet every year there is a movement to stop abortions. Viagra is covered by health insurance companies but birth control pills are not. Why? Women are the birthing vessels of the world and they also possess amazing brains to make most of the best judgmental calls in life. Why aren’t we respecting their judgement to do what they think is best for their lives and the lives of the unborn?
Recently the anti-abortion folks were all over Washington as they do every year. The problem is that we know the Trump administration supports their efforts but should a standing Vice-President get involved in the protests? How much divisiveness can this administration want in this country? Mike Pence became the first Vice-President in history to address the annual March for Life Rally. The March for Life happens every January. America’s war over abortion rights have been raging for over 40 years ever since the Supreme Court ruled that it was legal in the case of Roe vs. Wade. Most recent polls say that abortion should be legal in all/most cases to the tune of 64%. 32% of Americans think that abortions should be illegal. Why can’t this administration isten to the opinions of the majority of Americans and
A further threat to the popular view on this issue is the Supreme Court vacancy and a Republican held Congress. It could mean drastic changes to abortion rights in the coming years. Mike Pence is the highest ranking government official to ever speak at a protest rally on the abortion issue. Pence is a long time anti-abortion legislator. He also gives no indication as to what we are going to do with all these unwanted children. Who is going to raise them and at what cost? As a Congressman he introduced a bill to end Federal funding to end Planned Parenthood which is America’s largest reproductive healthcare provider. It simply proves that it is a man’s world. If men had to give birth I bet all jobs would give them the 3RD TRIMESTER OF PREGNANCY off with pay. The government would pay for tampons and menstrual pads for their monthly uncontrollable bleeding episodes. They would probably be able to take off from work to deal with the bloody mess one week per month.
Men feel nothing and know nothing even about the mood changes a woman has to put up with. To men making children is just a night of sloppy wonderful fun and sloppy sex. Then they are done! Women need reproductive care. They do not need to be putting their lives at risk as they did before Roe vs. Wade. Trump already signed an executive order to prevent funding to foreign aid to help overseas to any place that will even discuss abortions. Trump already signed executive orders to build up the military. Most of taxpayer’s money already goes to the military spending. Defunding Planned Parenthood is such more than just trying to stop abortions
Planned Parenthood provides breast cancer screenings, pap tests, birth control, STD testing and treatment and   adoptions   that are all much needed women’s health care that is now threatened to cease. The efforts to reduce abortions will not end abortions, it will only make it less safe.

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