Monday, January 23, 2017

Daily needles vs. a monthly shot

He has done it already. With Trump’s signature on a page Heroin addicts will no longer receive much needed medication to stop the appetite for the deadly substance.  Fatal overdoses from heroin, pain killers and other opioids have risen since 1999 from 28,194 addicts to 33,091 deaths. In the battle against that drug epidemic Obama in 2010 used his signature to The Affordable Health care Act which became the first defense in combating the problem.  It offered treatment services that could save addicts lives. Trump already cancelled the programs.  In Louisville, Kentucky heroin abuse surged by 31%. Kids are resorting to robbery to support their heroin addiction and are in jail. When they leave jail they are still addicts. Jail is not a rehab.
With Obamacare these addicts were able to enroll in Medicaid that provided them with free much needed services to combat their addictions. The addicts   were getting a shot of Vivitrol.  It is a shot that is given to the addict every 30 days that works as a shield in your system so that even if the addict takes more heroin this will stop the addict to not feel the effects from heroin. So, the addict is essentially wasting their money on heroin and not getting a high. In jail when they were signing up for healthcare they realized this is much help in curbing their addiction. It costs about $1,000 dollars for preventative treatments like Vivitrol. It costs $20-49 dollars for heroin. Without these free programs the addicts will just go back to buying more heroin. There will be more robberies to support their need for money to buy heroine. Why did Trump already stop this healthcare option for sick Americans? He has no problem paying a minimum of $2 million dollars a mile to build a border wall.
About 450,000 of Kentucky’s residents enrolled in the Medicaid substance use treatment services healthcare program. Since 2014 the amount of lives saved has been steadily increasing by 740%. What will happen now? The Kentucky jail system was also able to give the inmates drug counseling. Not anymore. Donald Trump’s pick Tom Price said the programs are too costly but the wall isn’t? Price wants to simply let the services to be available but will not fund them through the guaranty of Medicaid services. Programs like the one at the jail will no longer exist. I think having a literally captive audience like all the kids in jail for robbery to support their addiction is a good way to round up the addicts and treat them. Trump doesn’t see it that way despite the program’s success.

Donald with the stroke of his pen appealed these services to Americans. Thousands of people receiving   the much needed services are left to their addictions now. An addict will find the $20-40 bucks for a quick hit of heroin but will not save $1,000 dollars for the effective preventative treatments. Deaths will rise again soon. Before going to jail was saving the kid’s lives. Who will save them now? 

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