Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The March

The Donald sure has his way with women! Apparently size matters! I’m talking about the size and magnitude of the marches that took place the day after he was at his Ignoration. I’m getting old now and I have never seen anything like this in my life-time. It was a sea of women that stretched for miles in peaceful protests about various issues around the globe in unity. Does Trump want to piss off all women?
Everyone knows that all women are the masters of multi-tasking and can do their taxes and clean the toilets. They can do everything they choose to do and simply leave the heavy lifting to the men and are happy as long as he has a job. This new Presidential oaf didn’t even escort his latest wife out of the car at his own Ignoration. The amazing thing about the protests is that they were peaceful and for once people all over the globe were united even if it was just for one day.  Women actually shook the hands of the cops and thanked them for their service. There was not any looting or turning things over and setting things on fire. Remember these were women who nurture and give life. They have no time for messes or war. Yet they took the time from their busy lives to march with their pink pussy hats on to declare that there will not be any pussy grabbing anymore.
Celebrities were at this event. Stars like Madonna, Ashley Judd, Alisha Keys, Jane Fonda, Michael Moore, Gloria Steinman, Scarlet Johansen, Rosie Perez, Whoopi   Goldberg, Cristela Alonzo among others. There were even former Trump supporters there who saw that he picked only old white men for his cabinet positions. No Hispanics and one woman who donated millions to his campaign efforts. About 2.5 million people marched in all 50 states in America and 32 countries that included 60 cities around the globe that  had marches too. They held up signs stating their reason for being there. Signs said, ”Marching for my Daughters Future, Fight Like a girl, Women say No to War, My Body my Choice, Respect My Existence or Expect Resistance, Women’s Rights are Human Rights,   When they go  low we go high and Free Melania.” . They marched for women’s rights, abortion rights, worker’s rights,   civil rights, equal rights, equal pay, immigration  and  LGBQ equality in a sea of diversity. They showed up and spoke - out.
Comic Cristela Alonzo said, yes Donald Trump wants to build a wall.  Doesn’t he know Mexicans dig tunnels? Nice big ones that can fit people on motorcycles. He can build that wall all the way to California. Ok, Mexicans can swim. All he is creating is a triathlon of immigrants. Trump has already signed executive orders to order a Federal hiring freeze and will halt funds to global agencies that provide abortions. Men were marching in support of their mother, girl-friend, wife or any woman that has been insulted, misrepresented and denigrated by Trump. Bernie Saunders said that,” Millions of people not only in this country  but all over the world are telling Mr. Trump that his agenda is not the agenda we need in 2017 and the future that women will be second class citizens, that we cannot think that climate change is a hoax.” It was a peaceful protest.


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