Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Brats want more toys

In just two days we will be giving a brat who has everything new toys. He has already made a friend who has lots of the same toys. They both also like to sit in chairs and homes gilded in gold. He was such a bad ass even while growing up that he was raised in an overnight military school where he probably learned that status is power and that it is better to be on the side where he can bark orders no matter how stupid the orders are. The American people are about to be the victims of his irrational orders. Yes, Donald Trump’s new friend is Vladimir Putin. Their toys are not toy soldiers but nation’s nuclear weapons   and neither brat is talking about peace but increasing their stash of weapons of mass destruction. The Russian people and the American people get to bond too. We both get to pay taxes to pay for their new toys and stand by helplessly hoping that there is some safety for all humanity somehow.  
Already the discussions between the new world leaders are about how they can each increase and improve their arsenal of extreme weapons. Incidentally, Trumps approval rating as he approaches the Presidency is at 40% per cent. It is the lowest of any incoming President in recent history.  Does Donald Trump even remember recent history? Since the 1960’s the United States and Russia have been decreasing the nuclear stockpile. The latest Treaty called New Start signed on February 5, 2011 agreed that the two countries would get down to 1,550 deployed nuclear warheads according to the State Department by 2018. Will Trump change that? Right now the United States has about 2,700 nuclear weapons in reserve.
We have about 1,900 right now ready to be dropped from long range bombers, land based missiles or missiles on submarines. The Pentagon wants new versions of all three delivery systems. The Department of Energy is in the process of updating and reconfiguring the warheads themselves. This modernization of nuclear weapons can cost Americans almost a trillion dollars over the next 30 years if humanity even gets to last that long. Trump has already been making noise about trimming defense programs for projects that he feels are unnecessary like the development of fighter planes. He tweeted as he likes to do about trimming the money to the development of the Lookhead Martin F-35 and asked Boeing to develop a comparable F-18 Super Hornet Yes, brats always want new toys and tell people to make them for them even if the new toy doesn’t even exist!

To continue with the pricy nuclear modernization process is opposite with the New Start Treaty. By increasing our nuclear capabilities it will form thousands of jobs and fuel our economy. Did people vote for his job promises at the price of creating more weapons of mass destruction? It just so happens that Russia is doing the same thing for the same reasons. There is a lack of jobs problem there too.  Help us all survive.

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