Monday, January 16, 2017

Poor Pluto

What happened? I remember going to school with the coat hanger with strings hanging down holding various sizes of Styrofoam balls representing the NINE planets including tiny Pluto at the end. Now they are telling me that I was wrong. New stronger telescopes and satellites are proving that Pluto is not a planet and that they are searching for the real 9th planet. Well Pluto was considered a Planet for 76 years. Why change its status now? One astronomer from Cal Teck poof changed everything we have been taught recently. His name is Mike Brown and most people haven’t heard of him either.
Mike Brown   and other astronomers have been finding other large balls of ice or asteroids   similar to what Pluto has been reduced to in definition. Demoting Pluto leaves us with 8 planets in our solar system. Now Mike Brown is pretty sure he has found the real 9th planet and that it is further away and is huge. He has the nerve to declare that he has found a new planet when there hasn’t been another new planet discovered in the past 170 years. He thinks this new planet is 20 to 30 times more massive than the earth.  Yet it is so far away that even the largest telescopes on earth can hardly see it. So how can we be certain it exists as a planet?
It is fifty billion miles away from earth. They think new planet 9 takes 15 thousand years to orbit the sun. So how does he even monitor this new planet? Mike Brown sits on top of Mauna Kia the tallest mountain in Hawaii on the biggest island and looks through a telescope there daily mapping and charting all the stars he sees until he notices that one is moving and establishes that that one object must be a new planet. Mike Brown actually discovered this 8 years ago and since then has been substantiating his discovery more and more each day.  Astronomers have been wrong in the past in fact the old New York Times article that revealed the existence of Pluto originally said that it was “ possibly larger than Jupiter.” With more analysis throughout the years they then revealed that Pluto was no Jupiter in size but much smaller.

The region of space where all this is,  is called the Kuiperbelt at the edge of our solar system. It is an area of frozen s tars. So, now every textbook you ever learned about planets must be changed. Now they even say that Neptune controls Pluto’s orbit. That is a big demotion for Pluto. So to make all this new information credible, astronomers from all over the world gathered in Prague in 2006 to discuss the matter in 2006. Where have I been for the past 10 years? They actually took a vote to demote Pluto. They all voted overwhelmingly to go down to 8 planets. Now Mike Brown is known to be the guy who killed Pluto. Pluto lovers send Mike brown hate mail now Sigh! You live and learn. 

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