Wednesday, January 18, 2017


This week we celebrated a holiday remembering Martin Luther King and if you didn’t work in retail you might have even gotten the day off from work. We remember him and respect him because he tirelessly fought in peaceful rallies preaching the quest of when all people will stand side by side in equality and peace. We are also lucky enough to have a man in congress, John Lewis,   who is old enough to have marched with the man throughout America. It is a day to respect those who worked for freedom and equal rights. Can Donald Trump sit back and let the day pass without controversy? Of course not.
He managed to get into a war of words with the congressman who threatened to boycott the inauguration ceremony   as Trump tweats that Lewis is all talk and no action. Does Trump even know anything about all the action the civil rights movement brought to America? Trump goes further in his ignorance to say, “Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and crime infested” Is his district really in horrible shape? Trump should have at least visited the Memorial to Doctor King in Washington. Instead he sent Mike Pence the vice-president elect instead. Lewis’s District covers much of metro-Atlanta and Trump is wrong about his assessment of the   region.
Atlanta will be hosting the NFC Championship Games where the winner can go to the Super Bowl. Yes, Atlanta can possible be the Super Bowl Champion this year. Atlanta is a beautiful city of diversity and good people. Did Trump also insult all the people of a city too? How can his congressional district be falling apart when it is home to corporate offices for Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines? Atlanta   also holds the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. Do your homework Trump before you spew your venom.  These important corporate businesses would not be there if the place was crime infested. There is even a new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture where Congressman Lewis is featured in some of the exhibits there. Should such a living legend be treated with such disrespect on such a respectful day too?  
At least 35 democrat lawmakers have declared that they won’t be participating in Trump’s Inauguration. Most of them were shocked that Trump attacked John Lewis with a war of words particularly on Martin Lewis King weekend.  Lewis is a living link to Martin Lewis King Jr. He has earned respect from both Republicans and Democrats. If you need a refresher course in the civil-rights movement, watch the movie called Selma. The movie in graphic form relives the day on a Sunday   in 1965 where John Lewis and others were marching for voting rights in a peaceful demonstration when Alabama police beat and killed the people.

For Donald Trump to assume that John Lewis is all talk and no action is to simply prove how ignorant Trump is. 

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