Sunday, December 18, 2016

We need to clean house

Why did America choose to go with brash, outspoken and crude Donald Trump as their leader after having 8 years of kind, gentle yet strong with all his successful missions with the Seals to accurately get rid of the source of our problems.  I fault the way to uncooperative Republican Congress that tried their hardest to oppose just about anything Obama submitted in front of them for approval. Perhaps Trump got elected because he said he was going to go to Washington to drain the swamp. Americans want the congressional swamp cleaned up but can he really do that?  A year ago it was very apparent that there was a growing dysfunction in Washington. Obama was giving up the domestic fight. The rise in extreme partnership crippled the government that it even caused it to close down for a while. This is not what hard working taxpayers want to hear.
After the election we are still a divided country but we are still appreciative of calm eloquent Obama. Now his final approval ratings are among the highest in history. Despite his popularity Obama wasn’t able to complete most of the new policies he put into place. He admits that he failed to break up the partnership club in Washington.  Congress is a failure. The productivity of its work is way down.  The number of laws enacted in the past 6 years by year has declined. 504, 483,460 after Obama takes office laws passed, 385, 282 and 232. How did we go down in productivity from 504 to 232?  Incidentally now Obama and Congress is in Hawaii on their voted in all paid winter vacations.
This political stalemate has harmed us internationally. We are a joke. January 2009 was Obama’s Presidential Inauguration that attracted millions of people to witness the event and all were happy and hopeful except the Republicans and then soon after social media not trusting   Obama. Meanwhile he took office in the middle of a financial crisis not seen since the depression. We were losing 750 jobs every month. The automobile industry was on the verge of bankruptcy, the banks were collapsing and people were losing their retirement money their life savings in their 401k plans, 31.8 million applied for food stamps, an all time high and he inherited all these problems immediately and we were headed towards a great depression and it all was now considered his problem during his office with little or no help from Congress. Who the hell would want this job?
By January 23rd, 2009 Obama in his 4th day in office assembled both parties together to do something to stop these problems. At that time they agreed to cooperate.  How to solve the problems was where they immediately took sides. He wanted to stimulate the economy with funds from government spending and they wanted to do tax cuts. This dispute laid the foundation for little or no cooperation for the next 8 years for just about anything Obama proposed. Even when innocent children got killed in school the Republican Congress would not vote for better gun control laws.  They   wouldn’t vote for the appointment of a Supreme Court Judge that they liked during his Administration.
 Now we have this bombastic lunatic voted in to be President who has already offended other world leaders, made about faces on promises and left it open for a questionable or fair election and he hasn’t even been sworn in.

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