Saturday, December 17, 2016

A bloodbath for drugs

There is a popular President who defiantly promotes the slaughter of   drug users and drug dealers ordering his Police Departments to openly kill anyone suspected of being involved with drugs; the drug lords and the addicts. There are no judge or jury found with these people. The President is Duterte of the Philippians. He is happy to say that Hitler killed 3 million Jews and he would be happy to kill 3 million drug users and dealers. He simply says, “You destroy my country, I kill you.” It is a fate worse than the death penalty.  He is telling his supporters to kill on sight if they are armed. This vigilante is popular. He likes Donald Trump.
Five months after he took office there is evidence of human blood on every street. A single night could bring 17 deaths within ear reach. Manilla has thousands of deaths already. More than 5,800 have been killed so far by police and vigilante’s caught up in the war on drugs.  It is shocking that the impulse decisions remain unchallenged. This leader and his policies are wanted by his people. Only Risa Hontiveros a Senator of Pasay City in the Philippines dare to oppose the killings. The Police deny that they are being used as executioners yet that is what they do on instinct.  One of the cities called Daba is now one of the safest in the country. People who surrender go to prisons that are over -crowded.

It seems that the world is becoming  more towards socialism and wants dictators and not Judges, juries  and investigations. Not much of a democratic place. It is a very controversial approach to the drug problem.  They wrap the faces with tape of those executed. You are not a suspect if you are dead. How do you know who is the good people vs. the bad people when death is instant? A jail there should have 800 capacity that are housing more than 3 ,000.  If a politician dares to question his tactics, they are found dead. Is this the new justice? Law and Order?da

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