Monday, December 19, 2016

Hope in a hopeless place

It is the time of the year that you hear more often than ever “Peace on earth and good will to all men” yet there is killing of innocent people still. Not even soldiers who signed on for battle are present in the towns where   innocent people are being   bombed by weapons being dropped by slow flying helicopter in residential neighborhoods. A city that once held 2 million people is on the edge of depletion after 5 years of siege and starvation. Who are you leading when you have empty cities ruined by your own bombs and nothing but death in the air? Aleppo is the city and Russia is helping in the bombing attacks even in food markets. . It was once Syria’s largest city.
For civilians the greatest fear is to be buried alive. Their only hope for protect ion is not the United Nations Army buy a group called the Civil Defense that is an all-volunteer Syrian rescue force that call themselves The White Helmets and thank whatever God you want to believe in that they have the bravery to stay and help the helpless. Trump should go straight to hell with Putin if they are supporting the killing of the innocent.  There are bombings day and night. Often the bombs are not aimed at any particular target just dropped causing   many deaths. The White Helmets have grown to be a trained force of 3,000 rescue workers. They are the only hope for civilians in distress.  Often bare hands is in a race against life and death as a digging tool. They will dig for 6-7 hours straight to try to save a life. It is amazing how humans have made it so easy to kill but not so easy to save a life.
The white helmets say they have saved 70,000 people from death. Yes there are angels in white here on earth in the most dangerous places. The white helmets say they do it for the rush of pleasure when they see eyes open or a child alive enough to cry. They have goals to save the most amount of people in the least amount of time. When they go home they cry too that human life. The head of the food chain are so ignorant to destroy themselves for no good reason. At least animals kill each other for hunger. Humans kill for territory? Is it worth it? We could be doing so much more good things for any society. At least in past wars the Red Cross and the United Nations  wore white and were not targets In this brutal war they are bombing the white helmets and even underground hospitals that only house the sickest children. Does Russia and Syria want to completely eradicate their cities? Why do these madmen align together? Why does Trump like Putin?
The helicopters usually hit the same targets three times. The second time is to kill the white helmets. They have lost 154 volunteers. After a few bombings the citizens realized that no one would be coming to help them. So they banded together and at least formed the White Helmet first responders. The United States chipped in 29 million dollars for the special rescue training and gear. That makes up about a quarter of the white helmets budget. You can see the stories of the White Helmets on You Tube. These are all real and not for entertainment purposes. They tried to bomb the reporter’s apartment.  The White Helments are Hope in a disastrous part of this small world.

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