Friday, December 23, 2016

Peace on Earth and Good Will to All

It is just 2 days before Christmas. We ran out of time again. How are we supposed to attain Peace on Earth and good will to all? Impossible considering the constant bombings all over the world especially now at places that are trying to celebrate their traditions that they did well probably more so because their parents did it that way and so should they. People who practice any religion or read page be page literally any book like the Bible, Torah or Coran or Star Wars should be left alone to get through this life of theirs in any way they choose to as long as they don’t harm anyone else.
Harming others is big on my New Year’s worries already. President Donald Trump of the United  States has assembled the richest and most powerful and influential people he could possibly find in a month’s notice to be on his cabinet and run the massive amount of government organizations. Those people alone are worth billions of dollars and comprise more net worth than most still underdeveloped countries in the world. Are they seeking a fortress for themselves with our underground bunkers and elaborate space station offered to the elite? Pompous Trump and selfish Putin have not been talking about peace on earth for anyone. This week they both bonded over their wish to increase nuclear powerful weapons. Are they getting ready for the ultimate end of earth? They both unwind by getting the most accurate telescope with bullets attached to eradicate our precious near extinct wild game animals for personal pleasure.  They don’t delight in peace or good will to anyone but themselves.
At this holiday season I must write finally about some good happening in the world. Thankfully Congress after their vacation approved billions of dollars proposed by Obama to eradicate the Zika  crisis where our children were being born literally brainless because of the dangerous venom being spread by mosquito bites world - wide now. Hopefully good news will follow about that disaster in progress. The great news is that there is a new Ebola Vaccine available that has proven so far up to 100% effective against the deadly virus. The World Health Organization is responsible for this progress. The announcement was made recently after many trials were successfully treated on 5,000 people. The new vaccine is incredibly effective working within 4 or 5 days of treatment.
Remember the outbreak killed 11,000 people in South Africa earlier this year. So, maybe we can have a Happy New Year! This news comes directly from Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny the Assistant Director General (Health Systems & Innovation). The vaccine still waits for approval from regulators. 300,000 dosages of the vaccine has already been created to use this time in case of another outbreak. Final FDA approval of the vaccine is expected to happen  in 2018. So maybe this news will give you some peace of mind and will make you to be able to wish well to someone else too. That is what this season of gift giving and cheer is all supposed to be about.  

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