Tuesday, December 27, 2016


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Tradition. Is very important in many religions. Many have fought and died for their religious beliefs. It is the season to be religious. It is time to reflect on your moral code and think and answer for yourself why you do what you do every day and work so hard at it. Do you work for ambition or do you work just for the money? Do you love someone and want to shower them with the best you can buy? Are you tied to your cross with family obligations that are wearing you out and tiring you to near death? Are you happy?
Image result for the pope's choirA good backdrop and sound for you to reflect on what is traditional and what you should be doing in life is to spend some time listening to the Pope’s Choir that performs at the magnificent Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy. The magnificent 16th Chapel holds nothing but high ceilings and beautiful paintings everywhere painted on the ceiling and walls. No microphones are needed because the acoustics are so great that everyone can hear a whisper. It is there under Michelangelo’s breathtaking frescos   that tradition and time of life is depicted. My strife is that he draws death or the end of the world with the flesh literally falling off our bodies and faces. Is that how we really end life? So much to think about.
The choir sings acapella without the assistance of an organ or any other instrument but for their natural voices. Pope Francis is the most down to earth and welcoming person the choir has ever met so they ar pleased to be called The Pope’s Choir. The choir is the holy soundtrack to Mass for the Pope made of 32 boys and 22 men.  There have been only six Choir Directors in the past 200 years. Most of the music is soft by Chapel standards. The composer is Palestrina who composed in thinking of the purity of the song. Auditions for the choir are held in the third grade and 700 children are allowed each year to audition They have the voices of an angel and must earn their wings.  

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