Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Top Ten

Where is   the most trusted place to get our news? I will go with the AP The Associated Press simply because they have been there for us for many years and their stories of current events have been in every publication.  It is the time of the year when everyone lists their top something. Well, the Associated Press recently listed their top 10 stories of 2016. I wish that top meant the best stories but sadly it is always about the worst disasters and each and every year we have our share of disasters too. The Associated Press reports on worldwide events so America should be grateful if we don’t make it to their list.
Number 10 was Hillary Clinton’s e-mails although no problems were found, once the FBI got involved just days from the election, it all became a problem. The New York Times was full of e-mail related articles.
Number 9 was all the Supreme Court drama that is still unsolved starting with the death of Anton Scalia leading up to Congress not cooperating with Obama and his choice to nominate a new justice. Just another example of the blatant disrespect of Obama with no support from a Republican Congress.
Number 8 involves the constant wave of stories out of Syria  where the streets and homes of people are just empty shells of destruction everywhere.
Number 7 was the random executions of Police Offficers’    starting in Texas, Missouri, and Florida where officers were shot and killed in attacks. A person wearing a Police Uniform is there to clearly represent help to a community not to be there as a target.
Number 6 was a continuation of the attacks on Police Officers all over the country.
Number 5 was about all the terrorist attacks all over the world happening just about large groups of people are gathering to have fun.  Suddenly bombs go off without warning and many die. In Niece, France more than 80 died.
Number 4 is about more terrorist attacks at the Pulse Nightclub a true Massacre. This was a mass shooting where 49 people were killed.
Number 3 is intertwined with number six in that it involved the killing of black men killed by police. Lots of graphic social media coverage added to the horror.
Number 2 is all about BREXIT. The English people breaking from the European Union. The pound went to its lowest value. The vote was very close on the decision. No one really expected it to happen.
The Number one top story of 2016 by the Associated Press is the United States Election where experienced politicos like Bernie Saunders and Hillary Clinton were cast aside for a brash, fast talking, bully, buffoon self- made billionaire.  The shock that the Democratic Party has collapsed after hearing that it was the Republican Party that was shattering. The Democrats at this time control so little. They control four state houses whereas   the Republicans control   25. Trump won the suburbs where Democrats control cities. It was shocking how things changed so quickly.  

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