Monday, December 12, 2016

Our most important day

We should remember the day that caused America to go from 12th in military might to the number one power in the world of military might every year since the December 7th disaster that there are only a handful of survivors left to tell their story from that day. Most people that visit the monument in the sea don’t realize that over 1,000 soldiers died in the sinking of just that one ship. We all need to remember Pearl Harbor not just the few remaining old men who were there and survived the attack. It represents American history that has paved our military policy ever since the attack. It was the Japanese attack in Hawaii on December 7, 1941.
Here we are 75 years later and most Americans don’t care. Well I wanted to know why we spend so much of taxpayer dollars on our military might. The surprise attack reminds me why we always need to be prepared for a disaster. Trump is already pissing off China because he wants to gossip with Taiwan. I really don’t want to go up in smoke because of his antics.  Pearl Harbor is a beautiful quiet part of Hawaii. It used to be a dock for the famous Pan Am Clippers who brought tourists to the island for fun and rest. The appearance of war in this tropical outpost seemed unnatural until that Sunday in 1941 when all hell broke loose.
At 8 A.M. swarms of Japanese fighter planes let loose millions of bullets everywhere. Six Japanese aircraft carriers had sailed within 300 miles of the Hawaiian island unleashing 500 fighter planes. Guys that were in the Navy at age 19 are now age 95 and a few still can say their story of survival in detail. We need to remember these guys while they are still here just a little bit longer.  Hangers at the harbor still have the bullet holes in the window panes. Within minutes some of our finest battle ships were sinking.  They were named after states. The California and Oklahoma capsized. A destroyer was destroyed too. The Arizona got hit and they killed 1,177 bodies that still are in its hull buried under the monument in the sea.
It is still the single largest loss of American life in Naval History. We should care. They died in a war that hadn’t even been declared. Read Craig Nelson’s book he worked on for the last 5 years called Pearl Harbor if you want more gory details. At that point we were 14th in the world militarily behind Sweden all but three of the boats damaged or sunk were completely restored and used to destroy every Japanese fighter plane in the attack. It was FD Roosevelt,   our President at the time who called it “a Day of Infamy”. He was tending to his stamp collection at the time of the surprise attack as Bush was reading to children at the time of the 911 attack.
It was the worst military defeat in American history. No one cares anymore. Yet it was the most important day in American history when we said never again will any country dare to be more powerful than us yet we are still wary of constant disaster.


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