Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A forever dad

It is great to be a father but why is it ok in this society to be a father when you really should be or already are a grand-pa? I guess if you are rich and famous you can still afford to bring in young children in your senior years. Years ago you never heard of men making babies in their senior years out of respect for their  wife.   Bring on the young juicy ones!
People use pop stars as their heroes. Look at Mick Jagger. Ok don’t look at him for long he is ugly.  He certainly has longevity where there are other artists songs singing that they want to dance like Mick Jagger. But at the age of 73 he just became a father again. Now he has 8 children and he is not the only one. Jut google it for yourself. Type in older dads and you will have an abundance of lists of older dads. His guitarist from The Rolling Stones who is 68 years old just had twins. The white haired comic who never had kids, Steve Martin is now a first time dad at age 67. Robert DeNero just had another daughter and he is 68 years old. Donald Trump tried it again and had Baron at age 59. Is this a good thing for old men or just rich and famous old men?

The rich and famous certainly can afford to hire someone else to run after the kid like a dad. In the movie called When Harry Met Sally she says that Charlie Chaplin had kids when he was 73.  He said that Charlie was too old to pick them up. Mick Jagger is a busy man sexually or just very sloppy. He has a 46 year old daughter of which he had three other children with wife number one. She was model Jerry Hall and two of their kids are also models and they have kids. And great-grand - children are abundant. And he is still singing his hit song, Let’s Spend the Night Together.  Well then there is the famous quote that says anyone can be a father but it is a special man who is a dad. 

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