Tuesday, November 8, 2016

will you use a voting app today?

Trust is the key to this new and creative and legal way to try to ensure that your candidate wins in a state where their numbers are down. There is an app for that. Today most of us will get up and find our way to the local middle school and flick the lever for our gal. Well we can instead go to an app and give our vote to someone in that state. It is literally a way to make your vote count where the numbers are needed to win a state. The app has been created for you to get in contact with people in other states and swap your votes. Today is the voting day and in such a close race every vote counts.
So if you want Hillary, swap with someone and instead vote for Jill Stein and trust your vote to someone in a swing state. The app is #Never Trump. Your vote then can go for Hillary in Arizona where it is not such winning   Democratic State. There are other swapping sites like Trumptraders.org or votepact.org. Despite the name of these swaps it is more about the voting process than being particularly against Trump. In past elections vote trading existed and were shut down saying they were illegal. Time has passed and now they are legal as long as no money is passing for these trades.
People have died for the right to vote in the past how did it become a kind of gaming? Is this the new poor but not so stupid millenniums revenge for not getting grand pa senator from Vermont a candidate? Maybe we all should try to vote for Hillary in any state because when will we even get another qualified female candidate? If Trump wins women will be brought back to the cave man days and have their pussy’s grabbed, tongues thrust down their throats, must look hot at any age, and have all the babies men feel like injecting them with till they die. There will be no time for another girl to even think. Getting your head banged against a bed head board knocks the brains out as the sperm goes in. Just saying!
Vote swapping is legal. It is not a new idea. Back in 2000 vote swapping got introduced to help Green Party candidate Ralph Nader get enough of the popular vote without taking votes from Al Gore. Vote swapping websites were set up but at that time they were quickly called up to be in question. The Republican secretary of state and Attorney General sent threat letters to the operators of the websites saying that they were engaged in an illegal vote buying conspiracy.  At that time they succeeded and shut the websites down. A law suit followed and finally in 2007 it was ruled that vote trading is legal as long as no money or anything of value is traded. So, you are now trusting someone in another state that they will  vote  behind that all so private curtain with your decided candidate of choice vote.

Just get out there and do it yourself. VOTE TODAY!

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