Monday, November 7, 2016

Google visit my ballot"

It is time to go on Google and type “view my ballot” spend some time reviewing what you will see when you enter your voting booth. Look over all the names even the local judges they will want you to vote on. Research whatever bill they want you to vote yes or no on and for once know who and what the various candidates are. Perhaps then you will have some closure after you vote that you had more of a command on the people and the issues presented to you behind the curtain.
Most Americans are angry at the candidates they have been offered and are angry at the voting process. If we can transfer all our money on our cell phone to somewhere why can’t we also vote by phone? A recent poll found that more than 82% of the voting population are disgusted rather than excited over the vote this year. It is a dark and ugly election that we have to shield our children from rather than show off our election process with them and be proud to be an American parent. We have become dark and ugly people over the issue of world leader. Who ever heard of a political candidate no less than a choice for President being offered that doesn’t leave us proud but pissed?
There is an anger across America that crosses political, racial and economic boundaries and their voices are not being heard by the candidates. This is a vicious and angry election. People are upset and the only way we get to blow off steam is to flip a switch behind a curtain? We want more! Especially since Gore lost his Presidency to Bush over a few hundred questionable votes. People mistrust the media. Our information comes to us from places who battle for ratings and profitability rather than information and knowledge. We can’t even trust our broadcaster who we see every night anymore. The Williams guy lied on air about his accomplishments. There is no longer good old Dan Rather.
Americans can’t even agree on the same facts so of course we can’t agree on the same solutions. What happened to our youngest of voters with the Bernie Saunders situation was sinful. Finally we have grandpa getting all the millenniums all excited on social media taking only 40 bucks from all of them and promising them no more school bills. Now he is gone and so are those hopeful kids. Now our kids have to listen to their real parents getting a divorce and their battles and listen to dirty old man Trump and tricky Hillary fight with their on air divorce. NO Enough! They have just decided to spend their next 40 bucks on some beer and pot.

Voter disillusionment   runs much deeper than just Trump or Clinton. We want to know why our pensions were depleted by a large amount to pay for health care for all. Why a neighborhood that lies in the middle of the Finger Lakes, the world’s largest source for healthy good drinking water doesn’t have any. Sigh! All of us have an issue bugging us. Go ahead and vote anyway. 

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