Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thd Other Candidate Won

Your Hero of the Stupid has won the right to be President of the United States. Yes America wants you if you are completely not qualified for the job. Donald Trump is our new President because he has never held any government position before or has never been in the military. Blame it on the white unemployed working class who came out to vote and they voted for him. Those stupid people are desperate. They don’t care that coal mining and steel making were highly polluting occupations. All they know is that they can’t afford to buy a new pick- up truck this year. So of President Trump promised to build a wall, fight with the Muslims and find ISIS in the Middle East even file criminal charges against Hillary; go get em!
Already, the morning after the election all Mr.  President Trump’s people are offering a kinder gentler form of President Trump by saying that many sensational things were said  during campaigning that there is no rush to do. So. Is he lying already? One thing for sure it will be the first time in a neighborhood that when the black people move out of a house and the white people move in that the property value goes down. What exactly are we in for in the next four years? Is he playing golf at Camp David already?
Should we be proud that a reality TV star can and is now our President? Yes Ronald Regan became President after a career as an actor but he was also a Govnenor [cs1] of a   State before he became President. Did Hillary lose because men still can not embrace a woman in charge here in America? It is shocking that a woman who even as a law student traveled to places to help children’s causes, worked pro bono or for free even after she became a lawyer, somehow is the threat and doesn’t get the vote.  I can only hope that he becomes a big liar and doesn’t do any of the horrific things he pledged to do during campaigning now that he is President.
We have gone backwards to the Bush years where the Senate and the House of Representatives are dominated by Republicans. With the FBI being so vocal where they shouldn’t have been and a incomplete Supreme Court, America is not balanced and has no checks. What have we learned? That men can get away with everything?  and women are held to a higher standard?  Education and hard work mean nothing? What do we tell our kids now? Be a bully, be disrespect vie.  Is bad behavior normal?
Hillary lost the election but won the popular vote. We have never had a President who has made the empowerment of families and children foremost and still won’t. The results of this election has many people  visibly upset but I will never endorse boldness and brash bullying over education and experience.
She is a classy lady and will not sue everyone for her loss. He threatened to sue everyone before he would have and should have lost the election.

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