Friday, November 11, 2016

Who does he represent ?

He has lots of American law suits against him and he has made hundreds of millions of dollars in Russia. Yup Im talking about our newly elected leader Trump. There are conflict of issues problems already and dozens of law suits pending. Most people don’t get new jobs with that kind of background. He and or his companies are being accused among other things fraud, sexual harassment and failure to pay his bills.  I agree with Samuel Issacharoft a Professor at NYU School of Law that there is no immunity from suit for anything that happened before his election to office.  He cannot hide behind his Presidential shield for any crime he may occurred previously to his new job.
Some of the more serious lawsuits refer to his Trump University. Students who paid the $35,000 feel claim fraud when he falsely told them he would make them rich. Does Middle America who voted for him think he will make them rich too? He said he was hand picking the faculty that didn’t happen. The students said they would be given some kind of involvement the next time he opened another property. The only thing classmates got was a life sized picture of themselves next to a poster of Trump.  The only thing they received   was embarrassment and a lack of self-respect. While Trump was at the White House his lawyers were at the court house for a hearing  where the presiding judge he publically denounced for being of Mexican heritage were preparing for a trail to begin with the same judge at the end of the month.
There are sexual assault suits against him pending. One of which is from Summer Zervos a former “The Apprentice” contestant. Her and other women are being represented by Gloria Allred who is known for famous attention grabbing lawsuits. He has time to be a productive President too? Donald is thick skinned and history proves that he has never been shy  about going to court. He has a history of lawsuits. His legal business interests may also prove to have fraudulent interests. I guess he does belong in Washington where other political snakes seem to gather.
Nothing raises more question than ties to his Russian investors. Should our political leader be in bed financially with the Russian mafia? Trump has been selling his beauty pageants and hotels in Russia. He travels regularly to former Soviet   Moscow with his children. Meanwhile during campaigning he minimized any business relations with Russia. Sergei Milian the President of Russian-American Chamber of Commerce in the USA says it is well known that Trump received hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian businessmen.  His beauty pageant rights were sold to a good friend of Putin;  a top mafia figure invited into the VIP section of men.
Russia language videos invited Russians to buy condos in Trump licensed projects in Florida until United States sanctions cut off the flow. During the campaign Trump promised that his children would run these businesses through a Blind Trust. Richard Painter a former ethics Lawyer for the White House says how can you have a blind trust when you know what is going on with the business dealings? A foreign country should NOT have any influence over the President of our country!   

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