Saturday, November 12, 2016

More of America will be in a drug haze

Yesterday was Veterans Day and we need to thank every man or woman who now can add the name Veteran to their name proudly. New York City had the largest parade in America honoring our bravest of citizens.  Many people marched and more people cheered them. A good parade. Somehow I miss the old parades where you didn’t see many marchers but some old men from World War II. There were even less people cheering because war was a thing of the past then. Now even after our 15 year stay in the Middle East we worry about more war and the streets are filed on Veterans Day, the day to honor the living soldier are filled with young fit men and women missing their limbs, eyes or mind from the terrible aftermath of war.  Pray and honor and support them always.
for. California, Nevada, Maine and Maryland legalized recreational marijuana. Florida and North Dakota voted for medical marijuana and we will need it all to calm us down. Every day in cities across America there have been protests against the Presidency won by Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton won the election by more than 1 million votes but didn’t get the job because we still grant the job based on electoral votes.   If all that pot doesn’t work, Colorado legalized assisted suicide. So take a tour through these states and be done with life in Colorado.
We might as well just throw out the entire Democratic Party with Hillary. They don’t exist in our governing nation. This election won for the Republican Party the White House more votes in Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Now there is no balance of opinions in government or checks and balances. The fairness of the Supreme Court is still in question. It is also a bad time to be an animal or plant. Trump plans to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency. How long will we live without any safety regulations in our food and air?  He plans to get rid of Obamacare so millions will revert to no health care. He wants to get rid of Roe vs. Wade so millions of unwanted children could be born with no one who wants  to take care of them. This is a victory? Someone with a private e-mail server was really that worse?

Since 2000 it has happened twice to the Democrats that they won elections by popular votes but lost the election to the electoral vote. Al Gore and Hillary was cheated. The solution is to get rid of the outdated Electoral College. That is   easier said than done. It would require an Amendment to the Constitution. The fact that in some areas there lines around the blocks in cities waiting to vote and in other areas no wait at all violates the equal protection clause of the Constitution. All Americans should have had the same opportunity to vote and that was not provided. So, fasten your seat belts America and prepare for the next 4 years of the truly unknown with our leader at the helm with no experience in politics and no military knowledge given the codes to nuclear power.   

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