Monday, November 21, 2016

Stay home and shop for food

Thanksgiving Dinner is soon and it is time to start buying all the choices of food you want to eat and share with those you love. Should you gas up the car and find all the supermarket flyers to see what is on sale where and then fight the little old lady for the last package of walnuts or mushrooms? Hell no not this year. The pre-thanksgiving dinner rituals have changed. It is officially time to entertain those on line entrepreneurs who say they deliver to put them to the challenge. They say on their websites that they will deliver everything you need for a good meal. They even claim to be more affordable, more efficient and better for the environment. How could anything ever go wrong?
So this year I will go shopping by starting my computer and waiting for the doorbell to ring with everything I want to eat in a box. Now we worry so much about serving the perfect table of goods meanwhile at the first Thanksgiving, Pilgrims ate with spoons, knives and fingers. No forks. You can get groceries from Amazon from the companies new service called Prime Now service that is super fast.  Give  it a trial run and  stay up late at night watching movies and then go on the computer and order ice cream and within the hour some guy is delivering it to your door.  Wow! No more gas statiinon purchases late at night . No even leaving the house! No guilt if I want to order just stupid junk food. No more looks from others into my basket at all.
What these box at your door food services really are is a way to save you time. Lots of people do not want to be in lines. Amazon’s Prime now service also sells books, electronics, toys, sporting equipment as well as your basic foods. Should I ever leave the house again? For larger orders, the company offers Amazon Fresh that is an online grocery store with even larger warehouses. It is not just Amazon. Grocery chains like Safeway and Whole Foods Market and even Google are among at least 50 major outlets offering on line food delivery. Sales are up 15% from 2015. It could top $12Billion dollars this year.  You are not limited to that just favorite box of cereal delivered to your door in a brown paper bag. Now there are entire chef inspired meals delivered to your door in a box complete with every spice or ingredient you will need perfectly proportioned for you to cook the perfect exotic meal for those you love. You even get instructions with pictures so you don’t screw up the meal. Blue Apron is the largest food kit maker in America. It all reminds me fo when I would order  the how to make a car kit complete with glue included for the pre shaped parts to put together.   Shopping and eating can be fun now? Try it and watch the entire movie this time and simply wait for the doorbell to ring.

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