Friday, November 25, 2016

They will save themselves not us

Trump is already costing Americans millions of dollars in secret service money. He refuses to conduct his Presidendial duties of finding a staff in Washington. Interviews for various positions he chooses to conduct in Trump Tower in the middle of Manhattan. He chose to spend his Thanksgiving at his lavish club in Florida. The secret service of protection must follow him everywhere. With all the emphasis we take to protect our leaders, he should make it easier for them to protect him and not worse. Since he is a spoiled brat he feels more comfortable conducting his obligations   in his palaces rather than in the White House despite the cost to the American taxpayer.
Since 911 America has been on the more alert against terrorism and has taken steps not since the Cold War to open places to protect our leaders in case of a disaster. There is even a new TV show about a designated leader to be President in case all of our chosen leaders die for some reason from terror. Each year during the State of the Union address there is one person ready to assume the Presidency in case all of our leaders are wiped out.  The “designated survivor’ is there to lead the country once there are no more leaders. It would have to be a catastrophic disaster on United States soil where the President, Congress and the upper levels of government all die. It is a subject that has been talked about in the past and has been acted in dark thriller stories, it can possibly be a very real situation.
The TV series stars Kiefer Sullivan as a low level worker who suddenly becomes President. The very real position falls under a provision called the “continuity of government”. Counter terrorism director Dick Clark is the creator of this notion. It was used during 911 while our alive leaders were being scattered in different directions for their safety.  They were sent to different locations. Staffers were also sent to underground bunkers. There are several of these hideaways. There is one in Colorado nicknamed The Mountain. In Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station there is hidden in 2,000 feet deep of rock behind multiple 25 ton doors each three  feet thick a habitat of 5 acers of living space. The place is built to withstand a nuclear bomb. Like a shock absorber the floors rest on 13 hundred of half ton steel springs. It has its own power plant and a  six million gallon water supply all for the President and the staffers.

Another elaborate shelter for our rich and famous leaders is tucked away under a hotel in West Virginia. It is called The Greenbrier Bunker that has five feet thick walls and floors. This place was built after the Cold War in case of a disaster. During the Bush Administration former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was chosen at one time to be the designated survivor and wrote a book called True Faith and Allegiance where he describes his experience. Should I be building my own bunker?

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