Monday, November 14, 2016

He is already a different man

The Donald had his first interview since being elected. Like any schoolyard bully, he has backed down in his outrageous comments on just about anything. The half of America who voted for him should be disappointed already and the other half of America who didn’t vote for him should be a bit relieved. It is obvious he had no idea of the scope of the job he undertook already. He met in Washington with the usual Republican puppets and the President who did a complete about face to “make him comfortable “ in the White House. True politicians can turn their opinions like a coin.
Protestors are marching daily since his election and bomb safety equipment has been set up where he lives. Manny people hate him. He has not spent one day at the job yet of President but has already flip flopped on issues that he got elected on. He has admitted that on election night he became completely silent and realized what damage he has done. After his 90 minute meeting with the President that was scheduled for 15 minutes he said he found the President to be terrific. During campaigning he thought even his very existence with all the demands of a birth certificate to be in question. He hated Obama.
He said he would build a wall and now he said there will be some fencing.
He pledged to deport millions of undocumented immigrants now he said  he would deport the criminals.
He met with Paul Ryan and the Republican leadership who has now won even more power in the House and Senate and said he wanted to throw out Obamacare now he wants to make adjustments to the healthcare plan.
He said he wanted to get rid of all lobbyists but have already hired two to his inner circle of influence.
He says he could “make America great again” but now already he says there are restrictions meanwhile he should be having the best backing ever.
He was pro- life during the election now he says if he upsets the law than the decisions would go back to state wide acceptance of abortions.
During the campaign he said he would hire a special prosecutor to look into Hillary’s  e-mails now he says that isn’t important any more Why? Because he won the election?
We a ll need to be frightened of this man who changes his opinion with the wind on very important issues. The only effective thing we can do as citizens is to support the organizations that have been set up to protect the very people he plans to destroy. Either work for these organization’s or send a donation so they can do the heavy lifting for the issues that give you a headache in this election.  
If you are concerned about women’s health donate to Planned Parenthood or The Center for Reproductive Rights.
If you don’t feel that global warming is a silly issue, donate to the National Resources Defense Council
If you don’t think that refugees are terrorists in disguise, donate to the International Refugee Assistance Project
Given how Trump and the majority party hates immigrants support  IDP Defend  Educate Empower,
Support the TREVOR Project for LGBT youth THETREVORPROJECT.ORG
Support the Mexican America Legal Defense and Education Fund
Trump is the master of manipulation. He will kick you in the nuts and say your penis did it.  

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