Saturday, November 5, 2016

Presidential wish list

Voting should be like Christmas. We tell the candidate we want them and trust them but like Santa we have a wish list. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all submit our wish list in the voting booth.   I want the candidate of my choice to know what issues are most important to me. Just like my favorite toy at Christmas. I wanted the media to report on the issues important to America and Americans. Not about a probe into Anthony Weiner’s penis. I don’t care about Donald’s dating techniques of grabbing pussy and thrusting his tongue into unwilling women’s mouths. I don’t care about Hillary’s e-mails. I would have liked to hear a speech from President Bill Clinton as to what he will focus on when he gets into the White House again. We could sure use his suggestions on how to get the trillion dollar deficit down to a balanced budget that he achieved as President. I do not care about Melania’s views on bullying.
It is just a few days away from the election. I will make a list of the issues I think are important to improving or achieving in this country. Then I will decide on who I think can bring me the gift of a safe secure healthy happy country. My wish list is as follows:
1.       Call me a socialist like Obama and Bernie but somethings just should not be in the  “for profit” industry like prisons, health care, the military, elections and news reports. Our taxes and thirst for fairness and the truth should not be offered to the highest bidder and their opinions. Socialism has a bad taste in most people but in any economy there are simply some things that are and should be offered to all people. Thus, Social Security should remain for the needs of our elderly. We all hope to be able to be old and have some money to live on. Public schools and Medicare are also a necessity for all.
2.       A single payer system for Health Care.
3.       Anyone can marry whomever they want.
4.       Pot and booze laws need to be regulated for the same rules in all states.
5.       Purity of our foods  should be important in all our food not in just expensive organic varieties. Our food should not be full of pesticides and our animals should not be tortured. Factory farms should not be full of antibiotics. We eat too much corn because we grow too much corn because we subsidize too much corn.  Obesity needs to be looked at carefully.
6.       Change our priority from a disease care to a health care policy that pushes nutrition and exercise.
7.       Keep pesticides out of our food production.
8.       Support Unions to protect the American worker.
9.       Have Congress support stricter child sex laws.
10.   Give us all a tax break.
My wish list for the next President of the United States  

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