Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Is it a conspiracy theory to have Paul Ryan President?

For sure it is all a conspiracy for the insiders to create their own President. It looks like Hillary is destined to win the election. If that happens there will be possibly 8 more years of a Republican congress saying NO to every proposal put on their table as they successfully blocked many of Obama’s proposals. The richest controlling powers in America want  the  control back but can’t trust that baboon Trump who wants war with everyone and will press the nuclear weapons   button like it was just a floor on an elevator.  The plan is to find something after she gets elected president that she will have to be impeached for and according to law then the Speaker of the House becomes automatically president. Yes the Republican congress wants Paul Ryan for president. Call me crazy but that is my theory.
This entire election process has been the most undignified crap filled process of events that mean nothing about the ability to run a country but about who has the most sensational gross discoveries about the other candidate. The real controlling rich cannot wait any longer to exercise their influence no matter what. They have exhausted the investigation into Hillary’s e-mails and found nothing terribly improper. They are determined to find a way to discredit her even if it takes longer than the election. On Friday it was revealed that the FBI was renewing  its investigation of Hillary’s use of a private e-mail server while she was Secretary of State after the discovery of new e-mails that seem to be pertinent to the case. Really?
They didn’t find anything the first time! What is even worse and more sensational is that these new e-mails are from another FBI investigation into disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner who thought it was a good idea to post his Weiner on social media. This is just more disgusting things to come to life in this election. We don’t know if this is a huge problem or just no problem at all. What we do know is that they are as we speak picking apart more computers and their e-mails  searching desperately to discredit Hillary. Why? Because they want their boy  Speaker Paul Ryan to be President.
We are virtually days from the election and these e-mails could possibly reveal a lot of something or nothing at all. What a FBI Investigation tells the American people is that even they still don’t trust her meanwhile she has done nothing out of the ordinary EVER.  Will people change their vote? Some have already submitted on line ballots. With thousands of e-mails on the computer to examine it is doubtful they will have a decision made before the election.  They have to go through the courts because this is an investigation that Anthony had sexual relations with a 15 year old girl.  Must Hillary always be the victim of a sexual investigation that doesn’t involve her?

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