Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Who is your Vice?

]Well the vice presidential debate is over and now we are even more confused. One guy unlike his boss is completely calm the other unlike his boss Hillary is interrupting always but both seem very presidential in their facts necessary to run this nation. This debate was more sober and serious than the gossipy nonsense that was focused on with the candidates. Democrat Senator Tim Kaine acted like an attack dog. Republican Governor Mike  Pence seemed calmer and more reasonable. On the reason why we haven’t seen any of Trump’s tax returns, Pence simply says they must be fine unless the Donald wouldn’t still be a successful businessman. I wish I could make up excuses like that when it comes to details about my finances.

Kaine came forward with a quote from Trump in 2014 when he said that if he runs for President he would absolutely show his returns. So the Donald lied again. Sigh! They interrupted each other more than 100 times in just 90 minutes. According to the ratings, the first candidate debate was the highest rated debate in American history. Did everyone tune in trying to find a Jerry Springer hair pulling contest between the Donald and Hillary? Maybe next time.  This debate was more like a dart game fight in some sleazy bar. How about talking the nonsense of that if Trump is elected, he will be the oldest President ever! Then we can attribute much of what he says to being just a dirty old man or the effects of alzheimer’s disease on his old brain.  

What is important is that either of these men could get the top job if necessary. Kaine came into the debate with the reputation of being Mr. Nice Guy. Instead he was a rapid fire attack on Trump with plenty of fuel just from Trump’s wacky quotes. Trump even tweeted during the debate that Kaine looked like a evil villain from a Batman movie. Is that anything worthy of our Presidential spot? One of the biggest clashes came over immigration. Will there be a house to house search for Muslims and Mexicans and ship them out on the borders? The next Presidential debate will take place in   just five days,

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