Friday, October 7, 2016

Help them

You know that you have been in jail too long when one of the first things you want to do when you finally get out is to go walking barefoot on the grass. There isn’t any grass in prison. That is what one man did after spending 25 years of his life in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. He still has to try to get a job, see if there is any family left to help him out and figure out those damn cell phones and the woman in the box who can give you directions to anywhere, GPS Navigation. These are all things we take for granted. There is new DNA tests that are freeing people all over the country for crimes that prove that they did not commit.
Some freed people were sentenced to life in prison and are now getting their conviction overturned. It is the right thing to do but now all these cases need to be reopened and reinvesticated to find the real killer. These people need to find skills and new careers in order to find employment. The only thing you learn in prison is how to commit crimes in new ways from new criminals. How can we end the cycle of crime? There is an organization called The Innocent Project that focuses on the lives of people who served their time in prison or who were wrongly jailed in the first place. I am also starting a non-profit charitable foundation to help the families of parents who must be in jail. You can go to You and put in my name Ralph Serpico or the topic Families of Incarcerated Individuals to donate.
We need to help the individual who has been exonerated after 25 years of incarceration as well as current families who need assistance when the caregiver of the family goes to jail. They are the innocent victims who had nothing to do with the crime. The families need to go on without the parent in jail and lead a successful clean life. They need help.  Nationally nearly 2/3 of people let out of jail due to DNA evidence are Black and from the south. Years ago they were probably targeted. The hardest adjustment in a new life is choice. Suddenly being offered choices or being denied choices in life.

Right now buying cell phones, clothes and training courses for let out of jail men and women are being provided only by the Innocence Project. They helped some people find employment.

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