Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What is Trump's appeal?

How can anyone so wrong be so popular a candidate for President? Does America really want to take a chance on the “bad Boy” for a change? Americans put their trust in the Bush dynasty and our taxes went up and 911 somehow entered our air space and killed thousands of innocent workers.  We just trusted Obama for 8 year and everything he tried to pass to help Americans Congress defeated.  Bill  Clinton had a short  but good record with the deficit and had a balanced budget but do we want him and his antics back in the White House even as a house husband this time? They turned us all into gambling fools with casinos popping up everywhere in America. We know how to gamble. Should we take a chance on this Trump character? How much worse can our bank accounts get?

America still feels sorry for Hillary in that her personal life has been made public all her life with cheating Bill. She needs the boost that she could do just a good job for the country as he did but without the embarrassing sexual affairs. She deserves payback for her embarrassment. She is also the most experienced candidate for President male or female EVER in American history. Why are the poll numbers so close? Is this how Hitler got elected in Germany?  Every week Trumps obvious terribleness gets worse but yet he is still a close contender for the job. Why?How can anyone so wrong be so popular a candidate for President? Does America really want to take a chance on the “bad Boy” for a change?

Just this week he went on twitter calling Miss Fatty Universe a slut in the middle of the night. At their debate he interrupted Hillary about 50 times. He complained that the microphone didn’t work. He was sniffing a lot at the debate. Maybe he is allergic to facts. All we learned is that he hates fat women. Who are the Trump voters? They must be as deplorable as he is to agree with his views. Should the next President of the United States be on line at 3 in the morning  telling people to go see a sex video of the poor woman in Venezuela? So very weird. He is now raising money on line and is getting lots of money from small donors. What does he have in common with the ordinary poor person?

For some reason poor people from Ohio and Pennsylvania still believe that we are not doing better in this economy. The Census Bureau reported that in 2015 middle class incomes had their fastest increases ever recorded, the median family got a 3 grand raise, the highest income growth was among the poorest by 10% per cent. Poverty has had its steepest decline since 1968, in 2015 both the poor and the middle class  made greater gains percentage wise than the rich. Why are Trump’s folks so unhappy? Yes there are still 40 million people living in poverty but even they deserve better than Trump. He has been sued 80 times by small business owners that he has taken advantage from. Yet the poor love his ignorant demeanor.

Not one company of the top Fortune 500 companies will endorse him. Trump has proven to be unpredictable in the past. He is a terrible businessman with 6 bankruptcies to show for his efforts in business. The 1995 tax return proved he lost nearly a Billion dollars that year alone  and hasn’t paid taxes since. He even stole from his own charity.  What will it take for his supporters to bail on the guy?

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