Monday, October 3, 2016

The Govenor murdered that girl!

Chris Christy should be in jail for the murder of the girl on the platform on the day that hundreds of injuries were caused after a senseless train crash in New Jersey.  If he only gave the green light to install the new safety measures on New Jersey’s train rails that have already been implemented in New York and other surrounding cities  then that train would have slowed down despite the actions of the conductor. He spends all his time now being Trumps right hand man feeding him lies.
Rush hour commuter trains should not be crashing into their stations at high speeds. Hundreds of people had little warning and nowhere to hide. It crashed into the Hoboken Rail Terminal as train cars were elevated off the tracks propelled into the glass ceiling of the train station causing more destruction and debris. In this day of terrorism everywhere people thought the cause was a bomb not the negligence of Chris Christy. It is a train station that more than 43,000 commuters use every day. Hoboken responded beautifully to the disaster. Three dozen ambulances soon were lined up to care for the stunned and injured passenger’s needs.
The station suffered serious structural damage.  A mother 34 year old Fabiola Bittar De Kroon dropped her child off to day care so she could go to work died and will not be back to pick up her child later that day because Chris Christy is not taking care of New Jersey. She wasn’t on the train but waiting on the platform. Waiting to die. Why doesn’t God let us see one moment into our future? Yet we remember things from our childhood. Her child will now have to rely only on memories to see their Mom again. Passengers who had medical training immediately went into saving lives mode. Their A , B, C’s  are to look for Airway, Breathing and Circulation problems of the injured.
This train, New Jersey Transit number 1614 began its route from Spring Valley, N.Y. at 7:30 in the morning. Three cars and one engine car in the front. By 8:05 people were noticing that the train was not slowing down as it approached Hoboken.  The train carrying about 250 people rammed into the station at 8:45.  The Governor needs to be held accountable for not installing the automatic braking devices that could have been placed on the tracks. The train engineer 48 year old Thomas Gallagher was treated for some bleeding injuries and was released.  He should have manually slowed the train to 10 miles per hour as he approached the station. Reports said he must have been traveling at 30mph and never slowed.

Was there a mechanical problem with the train? Or was the engineer distracted? Did he have a medical issue? It is sure that Chris Christie has medical issues and sure is distracted with his own career opportunities trying to be voted in as a sure candidate for President and then flip flopping to Trump’s side. The man doesn’t even know what is important any more in life. How about saving lives!  

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