Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The morning after is never good!

Did the first Presidential Debate last night change anything in our thoughts? No! Do we want the most experienced person ever to lead our country? Yes Hillary.  Do we want a no nonsense tough guy to finish off ISIS and terrorism in the Middle East finally? Yes Donald. Can we have them both? No everyone. They are both old and could lean on each other for support. He can rail everyone up and then she could clean up like in most bad marriages that are train wrecks but seem to last forever.  The most interesting scene of the evening was when Donald’s hot wife shook hands with Bill Clinton. Imagine the scandal that would bring. Every American would pay attention to the blah blah then!

When you have a nation dominated by stupid hit shows like The Bachelor that is renewed every year America wants a dirty old man like the Donald. When all off business America is dominated by companies that pay off their Congressmen as business usual you want Hillary who knows all about their shenanigan they could agree on was the state of the people they want to govern. Americans are tired. We are sick of jobs that never pay enough, we are sick of no good investments while our roads and bridges are crumbling. We are sick of young men with guns everywhere most of their black fathers are in jail anyway. We are sick of college grads with no jobs and big debt. Our homes have been taken away from us and now we can't afford the down payment for the next home. Yet we all took the time to watch the latest train wreck in American politics last night. It was the most viewed debate ever in American history. 

Why? Were we looking for an installment of the Jerry Springer show? Fans of that kind of “entertainment” fuel Donald’s temper and increase his votes. Anyone with even half a mind left is in shock that these two very different people are even so close in the polls. Perhaps if Hillary was a man she would be getting the free ride do not pass go, go directly to the White House AGAIN she deserves.  So here we are this morning left exhausted and even more confused as ever. All those poor kids at Hofstra University reminds us of the army of young educated Americans  Bernie assembled through his efforts on Facebook wandering now on campuses like living members of the Walking Dead zombie show.  They had hope for something different with Grandpa Bernie.  They don't want rasit Donald  and they don't want the same old America Hillary either. It was a very sad night for America.
Now there are “fact Checkers “  listening to every word from each candidate. Does Americans need an interpreter to find out what is really the trublack
Now there are “fact Checkers “  listening to every word from each candidate. Does Americans need an interpreter to find out what is really the truth? They both lie with such an ease and the words just flow from their mouths like a bad case of barfing food poisoning that we don’t want to see it, smell it or even be around for the clean up. Maybe we all want to sit down during the singing of a National Song with the well paid black men football playing role models for our youngest of kids who didn’t find daddy’s guns yet to shoot at anyone. So who is left? A few veterans who still have a mind and hopefully still haves legs to stand on and have the bravery yet to shake all this disgusting stuff off and move on and hold our people still proud to be an American.

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