Saturday, September 17, 2016

We all reflected and mourned all those 3,000 innocent workers who died in 911 for yet another year without total closure.  Maybe that is why an arrogant brash- nut job non politician is doing so well in the polls. Could Donald Trump be that tough guy to get rid of the terrorists once and for all? We have to go back to the President Clinton era to also try to get some closure. Jeb Bush wanted to be President but couldn’t even campaign using his Bush last name. The entire Bush Presidency years was an embarrassment. We need to now pay tribute to the 6,000 soldiers who signed up to defend this country willingly with no draft who lost their lives in the Middle East over the past 15 years.  Where is their 911 memorial building?
Image result for wall for 911 soldiersThousands of Americans have lost their sons and daughters since 911. There is no term or word for a parent who has lost a child. There is only one place in America that pays tribute to the parents of lost men and women who like Jesus gave up their lives for their country. It is a place where at least these survivors of families could bond in their endless grief. They get together only once a year in San Francisco simply to share. Yes people need to share happiness but we also need to share our grief. It is the bonding that helps one heal and an opportunity for you to boast about what real bravery is. The coward football players who will not stand for a song about the bravery of Americans who defended our freedoms should take their hate for this country a few steps further like out of this country and give their six figure salaries for throwing a ball around to someone who is proud to be here now in the present and who can be a good role model to our children.
In the Marines Memorial Club & Hotel it is an atmosphere that now honors all Veterans every February. When these people find out that their child died in a war not much matters anymore. Most parents live for their children. When they are young their health and wellbeing is our first priority and when they grow up to be taller than us we hope and pray for their happiness. What is left when they die young handsome and beautiful men and women who gave us their ultimate sacrifice, their lives so we can remain free? The  event is by invitation only and is not covered by the press. They talk to remaining brothers and sisters of the fallen hero’s too.

Part of the hotel has become a Memorial Wall where every lost loved one since 911 is listed. 6,850 names. 6,850 stories. All the parents experienced a visit to their homes from a Chaplin and 2 soldiers to tell them their child has died defending America. There will never be closure but it is nice to know there is something out there to recognize these people and to ease the pain of these parents.  They have their memories and their death story. They didn’t have this after Vietnam or any other war. The Chaplins’   who deny an invitation by the families to stay for dinner now regret their anxiousness today because now they realize is that the only thing the families wanted to o was to share how great their kid was over a slice of bread. They realize that their kids knew that every day was a dangerous day but they would stay there anyway. Lives are lost but love never ends. , 

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