Thursday, September 15, 2016

We need to be like Australia

What if all guns were tranquilizing guns? Shoot all you want at each other till you fall asleep for a few hours. Hopefully by then you have cooled off and move on to a more productive life. None of this lethal stuff. Wild Game hunters could have the rush that they stopped a wild beast in their tracks but then after a few hours the beast can rise again just to be shot again by some other nutty human. Sounds crazy but to me a good solution to an out of control disrespect for lethal weapons. Lethal is forever dead. We need to respect life more. Instead of the right to bear arms we need the right to respect life more.
We need to follow what Australia has done with this problem. In 1996 there was a deadly shooting rampage in Australia. The Australian acted quickly and all important branches agreed to a solution not like all the divisions found with our Congress. They acted to ban certain guns.  When you lose your parents you lose your past. When you lose your child you lose your future. We don’t need to be left in the present frozen in time of grief as we see the loved ones of the tragedy of 911 and the mental state they are in year after year.  At the time it was called the worst shooting in modern times. It took place in Australia in Tasmania in a town called Port Arthur.  Twenty years ago 35 innocent people were randomly killed for no reason.
To be involved in a mass shooting is horrifying because with every shot fired you know that means that there is another life gone. You are left sitting there waiting for it to be your forever dead turn.  They were family and friends having a meal in a cafĂ©. For hours no one knew if their friends or relatives were dead or alive. This tragedy came just 6 weeks after a new Prime Minister had been elected.  He felt compelled to react seriously in order for him to be taken seriously as a leader. Prime Minister John Howard a conservative politician pushed through a real changing legislation just 12 days after the killing spree. The tough new law tightened up even the rights of his supporters. THE LAW BANNED THE SALE AND IMPORTATION OF ALL AUTOMATIC AND SEMI-AUTOMIC HANDGUNS AND RIFILES.
Related imageIt forced people to preset a legitimate reason for gun ownership   and wait 28 days to buy a firearm.  He also called for a mandatory buy-back of all guns.  The Australian government confiscated or destroyed nearly 700,000 firearms reducing the number of gun owning households by half. People protested even then that when you took away their gun you violated their civil rights.  They also agreed that the greatest gift of all is to lead a safe life without fear of random murder.  In the 15 years before the law change there were 13 mass shootings. IN THE DECADES SINCE THE LAW CHANGE THERE HAS NOT BEEN ONE MASS SHOOTING IN Australia.
Gun homicides decrease by 60% since the law change. There has also been a 74% reduction in gun `related suicides. If you are allowed to have a weapon you must lock the weapon separately from the also locked bullets. There are surprise inspections by police to make sure there are two safes. The Australians see gun ownership as a privilege not as a right. Life is so short and every one of us is someone’s child. Why must our hearts blead in America? We need to be more like Australia!  

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